P219 ORACLE 219 Sat24 Sep ITN 2100:11  Rest of the News — Page Six  MILK BILL 'BEING  RUSHED THROUGH' Milkmen fear the Government is rushing through legislation which could threaten doorstep deliveries. Mr Garfield Davis of USDAW, which represents more than half Britain's milkmen, said a ban on imported milk would be lifted on November 16. He claimed Agriculture Minister Michael Jopling would be placing an order before Parliament on October 28. "Mr Jopling is trying to cut the veins of the dairy industry before the public or MPs know what is going on," he said.  COME AND MEET ORACLE AT THE GREAT HOME ENTERTAINMENT SPECTACULAR p167
P219 ORACLE 219 Sat24 Sep ITN 2113:11  Rest of the News — Page Five  BRITISH AIR STFWARDESSES  AMONG DEAD Two air stewardesses were among the nine Britons who died when a Gulf Air jet crashed near Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Elhrates, killing 111. They were named as Linda Farthing and Sally Townsend, both based at the airline's head office in Bahrain. The other seven Britons who died were passengers,including two Asian families holding British passports. A Mr John Gibson also died. One of the families was thought to have been a mother, father and child, while the other was a father travelling with his two sons. >>>>>
P219 ORACLE 219 Sat24 Sep ITN 2111:00  Rest of the News — Page Four  RUC MEN SUSPENDED  IN SEX PROBE Four Ulster policemen have been suspended because of an alleged sex scandal. The RUC officers, all constables, were told not to report for duty until further notice after an inquiry was launched. It is understood that three of the men are based at a station in West Belfast. All four were suspended a week ago but details have only just emerged. The inquiry is not connected with the Kincora boys' home homosexual scandal. A file on that case is with the Director of Public Prosecutions. >>>>>
P219 ORACLE 219 Sat24 Sep ITN 2100:00  Rest of the News — Page One  SRI LANKAN REBELS  FREE 2OO Separatist guerrillas have freed more than 200 prisoners after storming a jail in eastern Sri Lanka. Police said the raid was intended to release 44 guerrillas awaiting trial, but others took the chance to escape. An outlawed guerrilla group is fighting for a separate state for minority Tamils in northern and eastern province Press reports said the guerrillas were disguised in military uniforms. The killing of 13 Sinhalese soldiers by the guerrillas triggered the July riots, which left nearly 400 dead. >>>> Headlines 201 Newsfile 290 Sport 202
P219 ORACLE 219 Sat24 Sep ITN 2208:21  Rest of the News — Page Seven  LONDON TO PARIS  RECORD BID FAILS Briton Tim Ridgway failed by one minute 58 seconds to break the world record for travelling from Marble Arch to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Tim travelled by jet fighter,helicopter and motorbike to try to smash the record of 40 minutes 40 seconds set by the RAF in 1959N He touched down at Le Bourget airport in a privately-owned Hawker Hunter jet and was then whisked by helicopter to a heliport in the Paris suburbs. Traffic lights were held at green and Tim was given a police escort as he roared towards the Arc de Triomphe on a motorbike at speeds of 130mph. >>>>>
P219 ORACLE 219 Sat24 Sep ITN 2111:01  Rest of the News — Page Three  REAGAN WARNED ON  PHILIPPINES TRIP The president of the Philippines has warned President Reagan about the danger of postponing a visit to Manila planned for November. President Ferdinand Marcos said it would undermine support for US military bases in the country. But in an interview with America's CBS $flevision President Marcos denied he was blackmailing Mr Reagan. Opposition leaders, who are threatening anti-US demonstrations, say Mr Reagan's safety could not be guaranteed. All demonstrations without official permission have now been banned. >>>>>
P219 ORACLE 219 Sat24 Sep ITN 2100:11  Rest of the News — Page Two  DEMOCRATS UNEASY OVER  LEBANON TROOPS PLAN US congressmen have reluctantly agreed a compromise plan to keep Marines in Lebanon for 18 months. But the move could still face major challenges in both houses of Congress in the final vote next week. The Republican-led Senate Foreign Relations Committee narrowly approved the plan by nine votes to seven. But Democrats said the plan skirted the War Powers Act, gave President Reagan too much power and committed troops to a volatile area for too long. >>>>>  AMAZING VIDEO TAPE OFFER — SUMMER BARGAIN FROM MULTIBROADCAST p246