P198 ORACLE 198 Sat24 Sep ITV 2151:01  7/10  TICKETS NOW  ON SALE The tickets for the Deaf Players' Theatre's production of Cinderella at the Golden Lane Theatre, Golden Lane, London on January 21, 1984 can be obtained from; * Mrs E Herd, 32 Freemans Close, Stoke Poges, Bucks. SL2 4ER * BDA, 311 Gray's Inn Road, London WC1 * FYD Communication Centre, East Court, Mansion, College Lane, East Grinstead * Seat prices: Afternoon - Stalls £2.50 £2.00 and £1.50.Balcony - £1.50 & £1. Evening - Stalls £3.50, £3.00 & £2.50 Balcony £2.50 & £2.00. Old Age pensioners and chidren up to 16 - half price for the afternoon perfor- mances only. Schools and club parties are welcome. Please enclose SAE. BT reassurance >
P198 ORACLE 198 Sat24 Sep ITV 2100:06  8/10  BT REASSRUANCE  We wrote last week about the incompat- ibility of couplers with new electronic telephones. Now a British Telecom spokesman says that BT has no intention of discontinu- ing or taking away the special telephone facilites for the hearing impaired. He says, "BT will continue to supply and maintain for some time to come its current standard telephone with its existing range of aids. We are, naturally, aware that new electronic telephones are not capable of accepting the adaptions, but we have commissioned a study to see how equivalent adaptations can be provided." Deaf Girl involved >
P198 ORACLE 198 Sat24 Sep ITV 2100:00  1/10           Craven House,   25-32 Marshall St,  LONDON W1V 1LL ITV Programmes with subtitles on 199: Sunday 25th September 10.00pm ALL FOR LOVE Monday 26th September 7.30 CORONATION STREET Wednesday 28th September 7.30pm CORONATION STREED 9.00pm REILLY - ACE OF SPIES Friday 30th September 4.25 THE ANIMAL EXPRESS 9.00 THE OUTSIDER Sunday 2nd October 10.00 ALL FOR LOVE  Princess Di to visit BDA >
P198 ORACLE 198 Sat24 Sep ITV 2103:11  9/10  DEAF GIRL  INVOLVED In the recent case of a consultant gynaecologist being cleared of attempt- ing to murder a baby after an unsuccess -ful abortion, hardly any newspaper mentioned that the 23-year-old mother was deaf and had a speech disability. The gynaecologist diagnosed the mother as 23 weeks pregnant but this was an underestimate of 10 weeks. The girl's parents are now asking for an inquirty into the way the police had investigated the case and into the leakage of information from the hospital. It was claimed that the girl had been questioned with a lack of tact by officers who made no allowances for her disabilities.  Trampline Course.... >
P198 ORACLE 198 Sat24 Sep ITV 2140:11  5/10  SCOTS IN  BDA An irate supporter of Scottish National Party claims the British Deaf Associa- tion is neglecting its duty to its Scottish members by failing to provide interpreters for the SNP conference. He says, "It is indeed ironical that the BDA is predominantly headed by Scotsmen. Both the Chairman and Vice- Chairman are Scots (Jock Young and Murray Holmes). What is more some of the BDA headquarters are also Scots". He is now threatening to tear up his BDA membership card at this "glaring short-sightedness by the so-called British organisation". Cinderella >
P198 ORACLE 198 Sat24 Sep ITV 2140:10  6/10  CINDERELLA  A newly formed DEAF PLAYERS' THEATRE - a group of deaf actors and actresses drawn from various deaf drama sections in London - will stage an original version of the pantomine CINDERELLA on Saturday January 21 at the Golden Lane Theatre, Golden Lane, London EC1 Cinderella is especially written and produced for deaf audiences by Dorothy Miles and Charles Herd. There will be two performances at 3pm and 7pm. The seat prices and addresses for obtaining the tickets are on the following page. more follows >
P198 ORACLE 198 Sat24 Sep ITV 2101:04  2/10  PRINCESS DI TO  VISIT BDA The Princess of Wales will visit the Carlisle headquarters of the British Deaf Association, of which she is the royal patron, to see the work being done there. The announcement of the Royal visit was made by the Lord Lieutenant of Cumbria who says the Princess will be in Carlisle on November 17th. Is is expected that the Princess will spend some time with deaf staff members at the BDA offices especially those who are compiling a sign language dictionary on video tape and see videos for deaf children. Deaf victim of feud >
P198 ORACLE 198 Sat24 Sep ITV 2111:11  4/10  A SCOT  COMPLAINS An irate Scottish Earshot viewer writes on Visicom, complaining of the lack of provision of interpreters for the coming Scottish National Party's Conference at Rothesay. He says, "The British Deaf Association seems to concentrate on the English political parties, sending interpreters to their conferences". "I think the BDA is fast removing its 'British' tag. What about the Welsh party, Plaid Cymru ? No interpreter there, either." Any comments on this complaint of discrimination ? more follows >
P198 ORACLE 198 Sat24 Sep ITV 2110:00  3/10  DEAF VICTIM  OF FEUD A deaf man was a victim of a feud bet- ween two neighbouring families, a court was told. According to a report in the Ilford Recorder, Victor Price was struck with a crash helmet,then punched and kicked. Redbridge magistrates were told that he was standing in his street when, it was claimed, a 16-year-old son of a neighbour rode his motorcycle up behind Mr Price to frighten him. Mr Price kicked out. The son told his father who returned with him. They both attacked Mr Price who had to go to hospital for treatment after fainting.  An irate Scot complains >
P198 ORACLE 198 Sat24 Sep ITV 2102:03  10/10  TRAMPOLINE  COURSE Friends of the Young Deaf will have a Trampolining Day Coaching course at the Sylvan Sports Centre, Norwood, London On Sunday October 2nd. The course is open to deaf and hearing children from 9-14. The cost for the day will be £1.00. Please send 2 SAE to FYD, East Court Mansion Council Offices, College Lane, East Grinstead, Sussex, RH19 3LT. Tel: East Grinstead 23444. --------------------------------------- EARSHOT is updated on Tuesday & Friday Please send contributions to; Melinda Napier at 119 Kingsmead Avenue, Worcester Park, Surrey. KT4 8UT. Phone:- Vistel 01 330 6173.(Voice - weekends after 4pm on weekdays.)  subtitled programmes >