P180 ORACLE 180 Sat24 Sep ITV 2102:00   2/3   A FABULOUS BMX BIKE FOR £69.95 This beautiful BMX Bicycle has every— thing that the young champion could want. The heavy duty, high tensile frame is set off with a sparkling paint finish. Spoked 20" wheels on silver finished rims are complemented with tough, colour matched gum—wall tyres and caliper brakes front and rear to ensure fast, efficient braking. The 3—piece pad set, pedals, chain bezel, moulded hand grips, brake cables and sturdy adjustable shaped saddle are all colour matched. A one—piece crank ensures the overall toughness and durability of this out— standing machine — truly a winner every time! choice of colours & order details >
P180 ORACLE 180 Sat24 Sep ITV 2100:11   1/3   Whatever your hobby — Birdwatching, Sports Spectating, Racing, Sailing, Astronomy or even Archaeology, it becomes much more enjoyable and inter— esting through a pair of really good binoculars. Powerful yet lightweight and compact enough for you to take anywhere, you will get hours of endless fun and enjoyment. Choose from: a) 10 x 50 BINOCULARS ONLY £27.95 come with a sturdy case, carrying strap protective lens caps, and 12 months guarantee. b) 20 x 50 BINOCULARS ONLY £29.95 come with the same accessories. Ideal for the more experienced observer.  Order details follow >
P180 ORACLE 180 Sat24 Sep ITV 2111:10   3/3   HOW TO ORDER THE OFFERS FEATURED ON THE PREVIOUS 2 PAGES - Send name, address & & phone number to ORACLE OFFER, Rochester X,Kent ME99 1AA. Dept 092 for the Binoculars and Dept 093 for the BMX Bicycles. Please state the number of items you require & the amount of money your order comes to. Cheques/PO's payable to IPC Magazines Ltd.Or phone your order anytime on 0634 407380 using Access or Barclaycard Choice of colours for BMX Bicycle: a. Silver with blue tyres b. Silver with red tyres c. Yellow with red tyres d. Yellow with blue tyres e. Red with red tyres f. Red with yellow tyres. Offers subject to availability.Please allow 28 days for delivery.  details follow >