P365 ORACLE 365 Sun20 Jun ITV 1904:40 TELLYDISC- Direct To You By Mail 2/2 THE GUITAR MUSIC OF JOHN WILLIAMS, 40 ROCK & ROLL CLASSICS a magnificent collection by the original artists. IMPRESSIONS—MIKE OLDFIELD, BEST OF ELO, THE CLASSIC COLLECTION 4 superb records of the most popular classical music by world famous concert orchestras. For just £9.95 in special library case. TO ORDER records & cassettes from Tellydisc send cheque or P/Order payable to $fllydisc Ltd, Room 365 Mulberry House,Canning Place, Liverpool L1 8HY. State records or cassettes. Access or any Visa card holders ring 01-200 0200 (room 365) or 051-708 6045 (room 365). If you would like a free catalogue send a stamped addressed envelope to this address: St James' House, 13 Kensington Square, London W8. More follows >>>
P365 ORACLE 365 Sun20 Jun ITV 1901:32  THIS 1/2 DIRECTTO COLLECTION  AVAILABLE AS  DOUBLE ALBUM YOUBYMAIL OR LONG—PLAY  CASSETTE £6.99 each including post & packing THE VERY BEST OF BARRY MANILOW, THIS IS MY LIFE - SHIRLEY BASSEY, MANHATTON TRANSFER -KTST RELEASED- CLOSE HARMONY their greatest hits, FRIENDS 80 minutes of beautiful country music including Don Williams,Anne Murray,Charlie Rich, Dr Hook, Kenny Rogers, Crystal Gayle. SLIM WHITMAN'S 40 ALL TIME GREATS, COWBOYS & TRUCKERS features Johnny Cash Willie Nelson,Marty Robbins and others. MOMENTS,LOVERS,MOODS & DREAMS 4 double albums of romantic music includes Elton John,Cliff Richard,Abba,The Carpenters, Bread +,save over £4 if you buy entire Moments Collection in its free case. More follows + How to Order >>>