P362 ORACLE 362 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:00  2/3   Solar Information: This week past has seen wide variations in the sun's activity. There have been weak auroras, x-ray and proton events sudden ionospheric disturbances and magnetic storms ! Overall it is very difficult to fore- cast the state of hf bands next week, but the pssage of coronal holes could keep geomagnetic levels high and the present upsurge in solar activity may well continue at a low level. Since regions of known flare activity are crossing the central meridian, the overall effect could be very patchy conditions - published predictions may not be reached. more follows >
P362 ORACLE 362 Sun20 Jun ITV 1901:01  1/3   DX Information: ADIS and N5DIM will be having a dxped- ition to the Pacific in early August: they hope to operate from the Federated States of Micronesia (formerly the Eastern Caroline Is), the Republis of Balau, Saipan in the Mariana Is and from the Marshall Is. Two stations will be operated on all bands from 10 to 80 meters, cw and ssb. Amateur news is also broadcast by the British Amateur Teleprinter Group under the call-sign GB2ATG. Whilst their vhf service is being expanded, they are short of hf operators - it might even have to go on to a monthly basis. If you feel you could assist BARTG then please contact their sec G8LWY QTHR. more follows >
P362 ORACLE 362 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:01  3/3   As of Wed 16 June, the Home Office had apparently dealt with license applications received by them up to the 10th of March. The Denby Dale mobile rally takes place today at Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield. Next weekend is vhf national field day as well on Sunday 27 June, the 25th Longleat rally. As well as a 100 strong marching band, there will also be a 30' mast erection competition, with the winner receiving an oak shield trophy. Details on amateur radio from: The Radio Society of Great Britain, 35 Doughty Street, LONDON WC1N 2AE. Tel. 01-837 8688 (24hr answering)  more follows >>