P356 ORACLE 356 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:02  5/5         ORACLE'S DINNER GUEST: GERALD HARPER The VOSNE ROMANEE'64, that our guest had chosen for our main course was dif- ficult to follow. But he succeded. As a dessert,Mr Harper chose a Winter Pudding of Apples, Pears & Black Fruits with Devonshire Clotted Cream. The accompanying dessert wine he chose was a MUSCAT DE BEAUMES DE VENISE, an un- usual,sweet,rose coloured wine which was served chilled (would retail at around £4 a bottle). Dessert wines are often ignored or considered unnecessary But again, the choice was perfect. There is quite a bit more to Gerald Harper than you'd ever find simply by going to the Theatre or watching TV !  more follows >
P356 ORACLE 356 Sun20 Jun ITV 1904:05  1/5         ORACLE'S DINNER GUEST: GERALD HARPER Rather like the characters he plays, GERALD HARPER is suave, gentlemanlly and a lover of fine things. Last week, he was invited, as ORACLE'S guest, to dine out at a restaurant of his own choosing. He has made no secret of his passion for good wine, so we were particularly interested to see what choice he would make. Having enjoyed very much his current play "A Personal Affair" at the Globe Theatre, we went backstage to Gerald Harper's dressing room, where, before leaving for the restaurant, he served a light, cool refreshing dry white wine  the cocktails >
P356 ORACLE 356 Sun20 Jun ITV 1901:14  3/5         ORACLE'S DINNER GUEST: GERALD HARPER For a starter, we chose a Feullete of Crayfish with Jumbo Asparagus in an Orange & Chervil Butter sauce. A fascinating rapport had by this time developed between Gerald Harper and the wine waiter, until between them, they decided our first course wine should be a CHATEAU PADOUEN SEC '79. A young,dry- white Bordeaux, with an unusually exciting flavour: mild, not sharp (would retail at around £3 a bottle). We agreed that it was unlike anything we had tried before-"perfect for Sunday lunch in the garden" as our guest so accurately put it.  the "main starter" >
P356 ORACLE 356 Sun20 Jun ITV 1901:26  4/5         ORACLE'S DINNER GUEST: GERALD HARPER Our main course was Whole Truffle en Croute, with which Gerald Harper insis- ted we drank one of his favourite wines GEVREY CHAMBERTIN '72, a Burgundy red (which would retail at around £6 for a bottle). But the wine waiter - who by now had so impressed Gerald Harper, made a suggestion, which was readily agreed.A VOSNE ROMANEE '64, which, we were assured-and our guest agreed-was a fine Burgundy (about £9 retail price) And it was. Decanted at the table over a lighted candle, it was a perfect complement to the food, and strongly recommended by our guest.  dessert >
P356 ORACLE 356 Sun20 Jun ITV 1904:00  2/5         ORACLE'S DINNER GUEST: GERALD HARPER Gerald Harper's choice of restaurant was "Menage a Trois",near Knightsbridge in London, a restaurant serving only starters & deserts. On arrival, we were presented with an imaginative list of Cocktails.Our guest decided on the cocktail of the house: champagne,fresh white peach with peach brandy. This sounds rather sweet, but turned out to be surprisingly dry and refreshing. Choosing the wine was as difficult:some unusual Californian wines attracted Mr. Harper as they reminded him of a Calif- ornian Champagne he was once served on the QE2. The wine waiter helped out...  the first starter >