P352 ORACLE 352 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:50  4/6     FOR THE CHILD WHO HAS EVERYTHING THE "BUG-LET": Based on the popular Beach Buggy, the Bug-let is a safe comfortable car for children from 5 - 10 years old. It has a fibreglass body with full leg protec- tion and two roll-bars. Its 50cc two- stroke engine starts when the car is pushed - an excellent safety feature as an adult or older child would be needed to do this. The car is fitted with seat belts and seats two. The Bug-let retails at £925;VAT (ex-works) and is available from larger toy or department stores. (for manufacturers address see page 3)  top of the range >
P352 ORACLE 352 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:21  5/6     FOR THE CHILD WHO HAS EVERYTHING THE "BUG-LET" JEEP: Similar to the Bug-let but with a "Jeep-style" body. It has the same safety features (as described on the previous page) but with extra large wheels at the rear. Retail price (ex-works) £925 + VAT. (see page 2 for address & telephone) THE "SQUIRREL": This model is not available in this country at the moment.It has four-speed gears with reverse, electric start, carpet, lights and suspension and is designed to resemble the Range Rover. (The Squirrel is not sold in Britain)  the Volkswagen for Kids
P352 ORACLE 352 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:20  3/6     FOR THE CHILD WHO HAS EVERYTHING THE "SIZZLER FUN KART": The Fun Kart is a motorised go-cart. It's seating arrangement is fully adj- ustable so it is suitable for anyone from the age of four upwards.Its four- stroke engine runs on 2 star petrol and will reach a speed of 25mph. The Fun Kart seats one, is chain-driven with a pull start (like a lawn mower) and has an automatic clutch.The Fun Kart sells for £375 + VAT (ex-works) THE"SIZZLER FUN CAR" is the same as the Fun-Kart but with a Formula 1 styled fibre glass body, and costs £595 + VAT. Both are available from SISLEY KARTING, WROTHAM, KENT Tel:(0732) 823848  more models available >
P352 ORACLE 352 Sun20 Jun ITV 1905:51  2/6     FOR THE CHILD WHO HAS EVERYTHING: THE POLICE BIKE: A battery powered motorbike from C.I.TOYS. A smart vehicle, with pretend lights, radio and telephone. It has stabilising wheels and so is safe for very young children. If the battery is re-charged overnight ( by plugging it directly into the mains) it will run for about three hours. Retails at about £120. THE ORIENT EXPRESS: A toy railway engine that can be driven by a small child. Again from C.I Toys, the vehicle can be driven with or with- out a track. The same battery engine as the Police Bike - retails at about £99.  more models available >
P352 ORACLE 352 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:21  1/6     FOR THE CHILD WHO HAS EVERYTHING: Young children love to copy grown-ups. It is quite common for parents to fit toy steering wheels to the back of a car front seat so the child in the back can pretend to drive. Many children posess miniature pedal go-carts,or just simply tiny model cars they can push along by hand. But children today need not stop there. If there is enough private land available - and enough money - there are numerous motor cars and bikes on the market perfectly suitable and safe for any child. An ideal gift for a Royal child, for example....  models available >
P352 ORACLE 352 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:41  6/6     FOR THE CHILD WHO HAS EVERYTHING The KITZ group describe their scaled- down VW Cabriolet as "the world's most exclusive toy". The car is fitted with a 5hp 2 stroke engine, automatic transmission, side, tail and head lights, horn and an optional radio. The cars are hand built in 2 different styles: ordinary,or GT which has wider wheels and spoilers at both ends. The cars are available from large toy and department stores and also some car dealers (London Rolls Royce dealer H.R.Owen, for example). They retail at around £2,200 (GT), £1,750 (ordinary)  more follows >