P346 ORACLE 346 Sun20 Jun ITV 1903:04  4/10     FIRST PLEASE, NOT LAST Peter Jones finished his talk to the IBA/DBC workshop with a strong plea that signed headlines on local TV news should come first,not last. At the end, they are always in danger of being axed if time is short. HTV producer Alex Kirby said that since they started signing on TV, the public had become more receptive to signing. 'People are more likely to say hello to a deaf neighbour even if they only use the weather signs.'  More in a moment............. 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun20 Jun ITV 1904:11  7/10     NADBRH MOVING HOUSE About 80 parents and professionals came to the AGM of the National Association for the Deaf, Blind and Rubella Handi- capped, held in London on June 12th. The main speaker was Lord Trefgarne, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the DHSS. NADBRH are to move house in a month or so to 311 Gray's Inn Road, London WC1. Telephone number stays the same: 01- 278 1771.   Poor publicity for aids... 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:32  9/10     AIDS CAN MAKE LIFE BETTER Amazingly 'the TV sales people had never heard of a loop & had no idea how to instal oneg. Judith Cohen had to contact RNID, who sent them a leaflet. But she says that British Telecom knew all about inductive couplers for the phone, & there was no problem here. She argues that these aids can make life better for hearing impaired people, at quite modest cost. 'Now I have got them I am much happier around the house', she says.   More in a moment........... 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun20 Jun ITV 1905:55  10/10     COME ON, WAKE UP! What bothered Judith Cohen, writing in Aural News, was when British Telecom told her they don't get asked for aids very often. 'Come on everyone, wake up! These aids have been developed for us, & if we don't use them, the manufacturers will stop making them.The more people that ask for them, the cheaper they will become.' Earshot is updated twice a week & your contributions are welcome. Please address them to: 64 New Cavendish Street, London W1   Subtitled programmes......... 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun20 Jun ITV 1906:40  2/10     SIGNING THE HEADLINES Peter Lewellyn Jones is well-known to deaf people,especially in the HTV region.He was the 1st to sign the even- ing news headlines, nearly 2 years ago. This started as a 3-week experiment,but was so successful that HTV kept going. Other ITV companies have started similar experiments. The ITV producers & interpreters got together last Friday (17th) at the IBA HQ in London, with deaf people from the Deaf Broadcasting Campaign, to talk about the problems of signing live TV news.  More in a moment.............. 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun20 Jun ITV 1906:39  1/10        ORACLE, Craven House,  25-32 Marshall Street,  London W1. ITV Programmes with ORACLE subtitles: Monday 21st June 7.00pm CORONATION STREET Wednesday 23rd June 7.30pm CORONATION STREET Sunday 27th June 9.30am LINK (TSW area) 11.00am LINK (exc Granada,TSW,TTT, UTV & YTV)   Signing the headlines....... 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:01  6/10     NOT JUST THE HEADLINES But John Hay stressed that not all in- terpreters were good in front of a TV camera. Deaf people should write to their local ITV company if they know of interpreters who might be good. Interpreters must be good lipspeakers, he stressed, to help those who depend on lipreading. He finished his talk to the IBA/DBC workshop by asking for all the local ITV news to be interpreted, not just the headlines at the end.   NADBRH to move house.......... 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun20 Jun ITV 1904:56  8/10     POOR PUBLICITY FOR SPECIAL AIDS Last Friday we quoted BAHOH's Paul Han- non, about poor publicity for special aids. His remarks were prompted by Judith Cohen's experiences. Judith Cohen has written a full account of these in the summer issue of Aural News, the magazine of the Middlesex & Surrey League for the HOH. She tells how she decided to get a phone coupler, a teletext set & a TV loop, as well as a visual door/phone bell.   More in a moment.............. 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun20 Jun ITV 1903:24  5/10     SIGNING NOT ACCEPTED John Hay, convener of the Deaf Broad- casting Campaign in Scotland, spoke to the IBA/DBC workshop about deaf people & their reactions to signing on TV. He said that signing was now accepted 'as the language of an ethnic minority' & that signing on TV had made deaf people more confident, & aware of what is going on in the world. More hearing people had applied to join signing classes, and he hoped that more interpreters would come forward.   Must be good lipspeakers...... 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun20 Jun ITV 1902:26  3/10     PROBLEMS FOR THE INTERPRE$FR Peter Jones spoke to the IBA/DBC work- shop last Friday about the problems of interpreting TV news headlines. Vast amounts of information are squeez- ed into these headlines, he said. And viewers are often expected to know the background - which deaf people may have missed. The newcaster reads at great speed, and the interpreter can easily get behind, & then run out of time at the end. But interpreters have a great responsibil- ity, because TV gives status to sign.In turn this gives status to deaf people.  More in a moment............... 