P328 ORACLE 328 Sun20 Jun ITV 1904:10  4/10    GENERAL RELEASE by Alan Frank THE LAST SNOWS OF SPRING (A) Bekim Fehmui, Agostina Beli. Obvious and unashamed ripple of "Love Story" made in Italy in 1973 with a young boy milking the tear ducts for all they are worth as he fades away from leukaemia. Fehmui, expressionless to the end, plays his widowed father who has ignored the boy for a succes- sion of mistresses since his wife's death, until it is almost too late to reciprocate his son's love. Ms.Beli is a current girl-friend and the movie is made in the glossy style of an aperitif commercial. It should move you on its copycat level - either to tears or to leave the cinema.  another review follows >
P328 ORACLE 328 Sun20 Jun ITV 1903:20  2/10    GENERAL RELEASE Reviewed by ALAN FRANK PROM NIGHT (X) Leslie Nielsen, Jamie Lee Curtis Yet another scary maniac-on-the-loose shocker, this time with a masked killer decimating the ranks of teenagers at a dance in an American High School. Ever since her mother, Janet Leigh, was murdered in the famous shower scene in PSYCHO Ms Curtis has been following in her bloody footsteps, screaming in horror in HALLOWEEN, THE FOG and TERROR TRAIN and seems set fair to become the Fay Wray of the 80s. Director Paul Lynch keeps the shocks coming and the suspense taut and the movie makes an excellent addition to the horror genre.  more follows >
P328 ORACLE 328 Sun20 Jun ITV 1905:53  7/10    GENERAL RELEASE reviewed by ALAN FRANK HISTORY OF THE WORLD PART 1 (AA) Mel Brooks, Madeleine Kahn. Nobody could accuse Mel Brooks of good taste after seeing this very irreverent send up of the past. Indeed I am sure that Mr. Brooks would deeply resent any such accusation since his avowed intent is to make us laugh and here, for my money, he succeeds admirably. He mocks the Roman Empire, spoofs the French Revolution and memorably, stages the infamous Spanish Inqusition as a lavish song and dance number. I admit that I enjoy bad taste - when it is well done as it is here and thanks to Mr. Brook's script and direction, I laughed a a lot.  more follows >
P328 ORACLE 328 Sun20 Jun ITV 1907:25  10/10    NEW RELEASE Reviewed by ALAN FRANK GEORGIA'S FRIENDS (AA) Craig Wasson, Jodi Thelen As a study of the on-off relationship, spanning 3 decades, between Yugoslav- born Wasson and Ms Thelen's eponymous Georgia, this emerges as an ultimately broken-backed affair, fatally flawed by a midway change of gear triggered off by an unconvincing murder and suicide from which the film never recovers. The marvellously observed first half about teenagers growing up in America in the 50s gives way to a cliched tour of the next 20 years and the movie is finally redeemed only by excellent performances and some fine writing by Steve Tesich.  more follows >
P328 ORACLE 328 Sun20 Jun ITV 1907:47  9/10    NEW RELEASE Reviewed by ALAN FRANK THE CHOSEN (A) Rod Steiger, Maximilian Schell The often unreconcilable demands of friendship, religion and filial duty form the basis of this heart-warming film about the relationship between two very dissimilar young men. One is a strictly orthodox Hassidic Jew, bound by the ties of religious tradition, while the other is an American first and a Jew second. Robby Benson and Barry Miller are very moving as the two protagonists and the cast is near- flawless. And Steiger, playing Benson's inflexible rabbi father, gives his best performance in years. Quite unmissable.  more follows >
P328 ORACLE 328 Sun20 Jun ITV 1906:28  8/10    GENERAL RELEASE reviewed BY ALAN FRANK BLAZING SADDLES (AA) Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder. Since Mel Brooks' Western spoof - his first commercial success - was released in 1974, Brooks has kept up a steady stream of genuinely funny comedies - but this remains his best. It's often tasteless but Brooks manages to bring most of the movie off perfectly and the belly laughs are so fast and frequent that you easily forgive the occasional duds and pieces of undergraduate humour From it's wickedly satirical title song performed by - who else? - Frankie Laine, it's a film not to be missed, with a gem-like parody of Marlene Dietrich by Madeline Kahn. Unmissable.  more follows >
P328 ORACLE 328 Sun20 Jun ITV 1911:57  3/10    GENERAL RELEASE Reviewed by ALAN FRANK TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS (A) Lee Remick, George Peppard. It's time for the Kleenex as contented wife Ms Remick meets up with divorced architect Peppard while husband Joseph Bologna is conveniently out of the picture, straining her marriage in the way so familiar in this kind of vapid soap opera. The story is very contrived and the characters cut out from purest cardboard and the only minor point of interest is Ms Remick who acts above & beyond the call of duty. As for me, I found myself torn, not between the two boring lovers but between my desire to leave and my sworn duty as a critic. another review follows >
P328 ORACLE 328 Sun20 Jun ITV 1905:35  6/10    GENERAL RELEASE reviewed by ALAN FRANK FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 (X) Amy Steel, John Furey FRIDAY THE 13TH - a brisk grisly shocker about a mad killer loose among young counsellors at an American summer camp - carved itself a big slice of cash at the box office.Since nothing succeeds like excess, here's the sequel as yet another loony systematically and nastily disposes of more youngsters in the same locale five years later. It's very much in the same mould as its predecessor, if not quite as stylishly made: but director Steve Miner still manages to get a great deal of bloody mileage from his catalogue of horrors.  another review follows >
P328 ORACLE 328 Sun20 Jun ITV 1904:56  5/10    GENERAL RELEASE reviewed by ALAN FRANK FRIDAY 13th (X) Adrienne King, Betsy Palmer If it's horror you're after, this gory little shocker should be just your cup of blood - but see it with someone you trust! It's the old one about a maniac on a homicidal spree and it ingeniously uses elements from Halloween,Carrie and $fn Little Niggers in its grisly brew, to say nothing of music happily reminiscent of PSYCHO.But director Sean S Cunningham has some very scary ideas of his own and succeeded all too often in scaring the living daylights out of me. The ending is genuinely terrifying and it's good value for horror fans - but not for the squeamish!  more follows >
P328 ORACLE 328 Sun20 Jun ITV 1912:04  1/10    GENERAL RELEASE Reviewed by ALAN FRANK THE HOWLING (X) Dee Wallace, Patrick MacNee. This hugely enjoyable monster movie marks a splendid return to the classic traditions of the genre, combining its chills & laughs in just the right proportions. Ms Wallace is an arche- typal horror film heroine, menaced by a group of werewolves in present day California and the clever script and Joe Dante's inventive direction extract the maximum fright-filled entertainment from the grisly proceedings.The make-up and the special effects are the best I've seen in a very long time - and so is the film. Don't miss it on any account.  more follows >