P326 ORACLE 326 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:00  2/3        JAMA RICO by Rico (2-TONE) RICO's musical career spans over 25 turbulent years during which time, the virtuoso trombone player has commanded respect from the best in his field. His music found a new lease of life with THE SPECIALS,founders of 2-TONE, who claim they would never have existed without him.Since their split,he's made two promising singles with ex-Special JERRY DAMMERS, which I had hoped were signs of what was to come with JAMA. Not so. The tracks range from basic tribal drumming to reggae, blues and swing:a varied collection,demonstrating his range, but not adding up to a cohesive or satisfying whole.  LITE ME UP by Herbie Hancock >
P326 ORACLE 326 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:00  1/3        SINGLES Mood Six-HANGING AROUND (EMI) I hope their image won't spoil their chances as musicians: this isn't a bad record but psychedelia revivals have largely failed in the past, and so may MOOD 6. ...Another '60's influenced single, WHO'S ASKING YOU by Roy White & Steve Torch sounds like yet another tribute to SCOTT WALKER. It's a pleasant first single from this duo and an original composition. I look forward from more from this act who were considered worthy of supporting FASHION on their recent tour. STRAINING OUR EYES by Jakko You could be forgiven for think- ing this was a new improved SOFT CELL Jama Rico >
P326 ORACLE 326 Sun20 Jun ITV 1901:06  3/3        LITE ME UP by Herbie Hancock The title track from this album was a single in this country, and didn't make that much of an impact. And I don't suppose this album will either. More and more British funk is coming on the scene, with acts like LINX and JUNIOR, and there seems less need now, to import from the USA.I do not mean to be xenophobic, but Britain does seem, at the moment, to be at least a decade ahead in the field of pop. There's nothing new on LITE ME UP; it has all the big names, it was recorded in LA & San Francisco, it's well pro- duced, but it's just like listening to a bad radio station.  singles follow >