P324 ORACLE 324 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:41  3/4  ORACLE  READS   BOOK REVIEW FROM DEREK PARKER ANCESTRAL VICES by Tom Sharpe Pub. Pan Price £1.50 A left-wing socialist is commissioned by a reactionary millionaire to write the history of his family, and shortly finds himself in the middle of a typic- ally lubricious Sharpe plot - accused of the murder of the dwarf husband of a witless nymphomaniac. The book achieves heights of hilarious tastelessness new even to this author, and his fans will be delighted. Hesitate, however, to give it to your maiden aunt, whose reactions would probably be those of Miss Gllelia Petrefact on finding her- self proprietress of a factory making sophisticated sexual aids ! more follows >>>
P324 ORACLE 324 Sun20 Jun ITV 1901:51  1/4  ORACLE  READS   BOOK REVIEW FROM DEREK PARKER FACTS AND FALLACIES by Chris Morgan & David Langford Pub:Corgi £1.50 The atomic bomb just can't work; the sun is black; mermaids taste like veal; milk is harmful; woman is "merely an instrument of pleasure". That last statement was made by Tolstoy, no less, and is only one of the surprising statements in this collection of "definitive mistakes & misguided pre- dictions",which while it reveals nothing earth-shaking (how could it?) makes for hilarious reading, and offers various useful quotes: such as the mis- print in the 1631 Bible, which instructed readers, "Thou shalt commit adultery". more follows >>>
P324 ORACLE 324 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:25  2/4  ORACLE  READS   BOOK REVIEW FROM DEREK PARKER PRODIGAL CHILD by David Storey Pub: Cape Price: £7.50 David Storey's first novel since he won the 1976 Booker Prize with SAVILLE, is a quiet, ruminative portrait of the son of a farm labourer,whose talent for art commends him to the bored sister-in-law of his father's employer. The relation- ship between Bryan & Mrs Corrigan is complex,difficult,even tormented,but is seen with a never-failing eye for detail; a story of first love is told without sensationalism - just with compassion and truth, and time and again a touch of gentle humour which strikes home. A delightful novel. another book review follows >>
P324 ORACLE 324 Sun20 Jun ITV 1911:27  4/4  ORACLE  READS   BOOK REVIEW FROM DEREK PARKER PORTRAIT OF ELGAR by Michael Kennedy Pub. O.U.P. Price £6.95 Mr Kennedy has updated and revised his splendid biography of Elgar, that shy, prickly, loving, introverted man, iden- tified with the high Toryism of the Edwardian age, yet himself very differ- ent from the mask he wore. The music is carefully & fully related to the life, the place of Lady Elgar given full due; and at the centre a full-length, com- pelling portrait of a fascinating man, so wary of high society, so ashamed of low birth, so great a musician. Sym- pathy for the man, love of his music combine to make this an essential book for everyone who loves this composer. more follows >>>