P320 ORACLE 320 Sun20 Jun ITV 1901:11 INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF 5/5 CYCLES IN WORLD AFFAIRS    APRIL 1983: Constitutional discussions, royal announcement 8th-13th. Anglo- American peace discussions 21st. Possible tough leaders emerge in Russia. MAY 1983: Confused & tense internation- al situation. Middle East turmoil from 12th. Following 26th,major USA economic upsurge and political initiatives. JUNE 1983: USA: troops in military action overseas. Russia: internal threat to very basis of communism, social flaws publicly exposed. ORACLE ALMANAC 1982 >
P320 ORACLE 320 Sun20 Jun ITV 1902:05 INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF 1/5 CYCLES IN WORLD AFFAIRS    JUNE: UK:Steady progress in Falklands, successful push by British forces 15 - 17th. Disagreement in Cabinet,24-25th. UK wins World Cup game 16th,crowd violence follows.Royal baby born 20th. Derby favours outsiders. USA:aggressive foreign policy brings arguments with NATO forces 19-21st. Death of pro-USA world leader. AUSTRALIA: Govt.crises 6th & 17th. SOUTH AFRICA: Challenge to Govt.on 6th. RUSSIA: power change - Brezhnev's future resolved 20-22nd. POLAND: News of Walesa 21-22nd. SAUDI ARABIA:Internal threat to Govt.20-30th. MIDDLE EAST: realignment in Arab poli- tics.Egypt back in Arab fold 21st. AGGRESSION by:Libya 5-7th; Iran 9-13th; Syria 16-28th.  more follows >
P320 ORACLE 320 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:02 INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF 4/5 CYCLES IN WORLD AFFAIRS    JANUARY 1983: Jupiter and Uranus together in Sagittarius - a dynamic year for all born under the latter sign FEBRUARY 1983: This conjunction exact on 18th Feb. Radical changes in USA at start of major long term cycle in US horoscope. MARCH 1983: Optimistic budget, but government spending curbs. EEC confrontations and reforms about 25th. Major Israel-Palestine initiative 21st.  more follows >
P320 ORACLE 320 Sun20 Jun ITV 1904:02 INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF 3/5 CYCLES IN WORLD AFFAIRS    OCTOBER: UK:sportsmen score major vict- ory. Thatcher's leadership challenged. Change in politics,3-17th. Pym & Rippon assert themselves,David Steel prominent USA acts to reduce tension, but has domestic problems. NOVEMBER: Alliance strongest party in UK.Success for Roy Jenkins.New job for Prince Charles on 15th.USA:unions and peace movement pose threat to Govt. Power struggle between Govt. and big business.International peace initiative near 15th. DECEMBER: UK:record orders for technol- ogy.USA and world trade boost,6-8th. USA policy erratic: aggression early in month, peace initiative at end.   more follows >
P320 ORACLE 320 Sun20 Jun ITV 1904:04 INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF 2/5 CYCLES IN WORLD AFFAIRS    JULY: USA: armed forces committed over- seas. Critical action 5-7th. President at risk on 6-7th. Crucial dates 20-24th & 30th. Polish leadership crisis 5th. AUGUST: UK: new royal romance. Spain: heatwave. USA: city riots.Saudi Arabia: summit with allies,19-20th. Israel: military action,3-5th. Poland:patriotic surge. Solidarity in news 1st-15th. SEPTEMBER: Drama in UK politics, PM loses more power. Major move on 17th. SDP resolves image problem.Labour party problems increase. Important overseas trade deal.Increase in industrial in- vestment. Russia:internal struggle for power. more follows >