P317 ORACLE 317 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:51  *ORACLE*  *  by Jonathan 2/4  Clogstoun  *** *** ****** ******** ******* W/b 14.6.82. LIBRA: You have had a long time to wait, but things should start to move ahead again for you from now on. You'll have no shortage of plans anyhow. SCORPIO: The motives of a close friend are unclear, and you could base an import- ant decision on faulty information. SAGITTARIUS: Even if you aren't feeling your best, your friends won't let you sit around moaning. They are right; make sure you enjoy yourself,relax,have a change. CAPRICORN: Apart from some loss of authority at work, you should make good progress. Spend time with your family. more follows >
P317 ORACLE 317 Sun20 Jun ITV 1900:21  *ORACLE*  *  * by Jonathan 1/4  Clogstoun  *** *** ****** ******** ******* w/b 14.6.82 GEMINI: Arguments will tire you, and you could be worried about the fate of a missing friend. CANCER: You could feel rather cut off from the world; even ill and unwanted, but the weekend should bring friends. LEO: Someone you have relied on seems to let you down, but don't be put down by what seems bad news. Wait until the air clears. VIRGO: Someone important for you is going through a bad patch, and your quick thinking could save the day.  more follows >>
P317 ORACLE 317 Sun20 Jun ITV 1901:20  *ORACLE*  *  by Jonathan 3/4  Clogstoun  *** *** ****** ******** ******* W/b 14.6.82. AQUARIUS: You could do with a change, away from it all, but it could be hard to ignore the claims of employers and spouses. PISCES: It is not the best time to invest in long term securities, but you should be looking at your existing assets care- fully. ARIES: A friend makes up his or her mind and this is a great relief; at last you know where you stand. TAURUS: An uncompromising stand is made by those you work with and you may fear the loss of a partner.  more follows >
P317 ORACLE 317 Sun20 Jun ITV 1901:50  *ORACLE*  *  by Jonathan 4/4  Clogstoun  *** *** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** **** GEMINI 1982 21.5.82 to 22.6.82 A pleasure, spare or part-time activity is becoming much more important,and you could want to make a change of direc- tion at work. For a while you will have to balance two opposite activities, which could be very tiring. One of them will require self-sacrifice or work in the health field, and to do this may mean a loss of personal prestige or income. Behind these moves lies the influence of a friend whom you admire, but do not expect help from him in the future - he may be looking to you for assistance soon ! You could also be house-hunting, but be warned: all these changes may strain your partner more than you think ! elf. more follows >