P591 Teletext 591 Dec11 23:18:11    —————————  ————————————————————————— LARK BOE CAN POWER TO VICTORY The BAGS action on Monday is the usual quartet of Swindon, Sheffield, Monmore and Walthamstow. Heat One of the Festival Veterans at Monmore should go the way of the red- jacketed runner Lark Boe (T1) who can go clear after rounding the first bend. Jordans Glory (T1) is fancied to land heat one of the Puppies event. The selection sprang a 12/1 win last time and can prove that it was no fluke. ——————————————————————————————————1/2—— Racing headlines 550 Race cards 580 33/1 Winner p689/3 Huge Bet 15Secs Tracktalk Results Greyhounds Bookies
P591 Teletext 591 Dec11 23:16:23    —————————  ————————————————————————— HOT HOUND UPDATE  Our greyhound team is among the best in the business and now you can cash in on their expertise with our new SMS alerts. Each day they will sort out a special bet — a straight win, a forecast or even the occasional ante-post wager — and deliver it straight to your mobile. Simply text HOUND to 8899 to get this daily 25p message. To cancel, send HOUND STOP to 8899 ——————————————————————————————————2/2—— Messages will cost no more than 25p MORE MOBILE ALERTS — SEE p674 Tracktalk Results Greyhounds Bookies