P533 Teletext 533 Dec11 23:18:28    ————————————  —————————————————————— PRICE OF FIRST CLASS STAMP TO RISE 2p The price of a first class stamp will rise from 28p to 30p in April 2005, the Royal Mail has announced. The company said the rise is needed to reflect the true cost of dealing with mail. It lost about 5p for every first class letter posted last year, with the shortfall made up from profits made on business customers. The price of a second class st!mp will remain at 21p. ——————————————————————————————————1/9—— "Best buy" personal loans 546 CHECK OUR CHRISTMAS EVENT GUIDE p345 Product Homes Save Racing
P533 Teletext 533 Dec11 23:18:55    ————————————  —————————————————————— DECEASED ID FRAUD CASES UP SHARPLY Estimates of the number of identity fraud cases where a criminal uses the details of a dead person to take out credit have been revised up sharply. Fraud prevention service CIFAS found 97,000 cases since 2000 compared to previous figures of 51,000 and believes the number could be double that. The group is urging the Government to release death records to the private sector to make prevention easier. ——————————————————————————————————2/9—— Are you a Premium Bond winner? 539 FO US ON THE FOOTSIE p511/512 Product Homes Save Racing
P533 Teletext 533 Dec11 23:19:11    ————————————  —————————————————————— FEWER COMPENSATION CLAIMS, BUT COST UP Reports that a US-style "compensation culture" is thriving here are overblown says market analyst Datamonitor. Until this year, it says, the number of personal injury claims had fallen since 2001 but disease claims are up sharply - partly due to the closure of British Coal's respiratory disease scheme soon. And the cost of claims, up nearly 10% this year to £7.2bn, is set to reach £10bn by 2009 Datamonitor estimates. ——————————————————————————————————3/9—— "Best buy" credit cards 546 CRICKET NEWS..^FAST DELIVERY p160 Product Homes Save Racing
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P533 Teletext 533 Dec11 23:16:42    ————————————  —————————————————————— ONE IN 10 HAVE NO HOME INSURANCE One in 10 people have no home insurance, according to insurer Zurich. More than four in 10 believe they are probably underinsured, with 20% admitting they have little idea of how much their home and its contents are actually worth. The young are most likely to be uninsured. A third of 16-24 year olds have no contents insurance compared to 9% of 35-44 year-olds. ——————————————————————————————————6/9—— Personal finance headlines 531 BACK A WINNER WITH RACING NEWS p550 Product Homes Save Racing
P533 Teletext 533 Dec11 23:17:09    ————————————  —————————————————————— SAVERS CAN'T KEEP HANDS OFF THEIR CASH People have good intentions when it comes to saving but can't help raiding their piggy banks, according to building society Birmingham Midshires. The avjrage person saved £587.38 between August and October - but had to take back about £219.73, or 37%. The main reason for the raid was to top up overspent current accounts, while last-minute holidays and household emergencies also depleted nest eggs. ——————————————————————————————————7/9—— Your tax allowances 543 GET AWAY FROM IT ALL! H/LIDAYS p200 Product Homes Save Racing
P533 Teletext 533 Dec11 23:17:35    ————————————  —————————————————————— FSA WARNS AS INSURAN E DEADLINE NEARS Over 14,000 firms selling insurance have applied to the Financial Services Authority for authorisation, but over 4,500 have yet to do so. The watchdog, which will regulate the sector from January 14, says motor dealers, removals firms and property managers are worst offenders. It will be illegal for those which have not applied, or become an appointed representative, to sell to consumers. ——————————————————————————————————8/9—— Work out your holiday money 547 BACK A WINNER WITH RACING NEWS p550 Product Homes Save Racing
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