P133 Teletext 133 Dec11 23:16:19     ———————— TEST YOUR TV MEMORY ——————  1) Intimate knowledge of FA Cup Finals helped Shaun Wallace win what? Mastermind's grand final. 2) Troglodyte and mezzanine were words mastered by the winner of what? Hard Spell. 3) Who denied saying that Steve Brookstein picked "safe" songs to sing? X Factor runner up Tabby. 4) "In a perverse, sick kind of way I enjoyed it." Who said that? I'm A Celebrity's Janet Street-Porter. 5) Name the former quizshow competitor who has filed for bankruptcy. Charles Ingram. ————— For answers press 'REVEAL' —1/2—— All the latest gaming news 375 C4 HAYS TRAVEL LATE BARGAINS See p274 Clips Theakston X Factor Bamboozle
P133 Teletext 133 Dec11 23:17:11     ———————— TEST YOUR TV MEMORY ——————  6) Long-lost film tapes of which comedy duo are to be shown soon? Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. 7) Who called Louis Walsh an "aggravating little man"? X Factor finalist Steve Brookstein. 8) According to Jonathan from G4 who spends his time sitting on the fence? Simon Cowell. 9) Whose "jacobs" kept getting bitten in the jungle? Joe Pasquale's. 10) Why was Emmerdale actress Lucy Pargeter delighted this week? She is pregnant. ————— For answers press 'REVEAL' —2/2—— Your favourite Channel 4 shows 400 GET YOUR CELEBRITY GOSSIP & PICS DAILY SEE p617 Clips Theakston X Factor Bamboozle