P127 Teletext 127 Dec11 23:15:10  SUNDAY  06.00-09.25 12.12. p6.00 ANIMATED TALES OF THE WORLD Repeat A misunderstanding drives a girl away from her home 06.15 THE HOOBS Repeat Tula looks for a place to write the perfect poem S 06.40 THE HOOBS Repeat Roma is asked to babysit a Squigglytiddlypeep S 07.05 ICC CRICKET WORLD Highlights from international cricket 07.30 THE CRICKET SHOW A review of the summer's international games 08.00 WORLD CUP SKIING Men's downhill highlights from Val d'Isere 08.55 T4: FUTURAMA Repeat Kif returns to his homeland to give birth S 09.25 ——————————————————————————————————1/6—— five Tomorrow 128 BBC1 Tomorrow 124 NORTON LOANS SEE p615 0800 929 100 five Tom Subtitles BBC1 Tom TV Plus
P127 Teletext 127 Dec11 23:16:22  SUNDAY  09.25-15.10 12.12. 09.25 T4: POPWORLD A tour report from Kasabian and performances by Goldie Lookin Chain and Rooster S 10.20 T4: HOLLYOAKS Omnibus. Dan shows Debbie his feelings about the prospect of going back to jail S 12.55 T4: FOOL AROUND Two guys date the mothers of five gorgeous girls in a bid to find a love match S 13.35 T4: KYLIE: T4 SPECIAL June Sarpong and Vernon Kay interview Australian singer Kylie Minogue 14.05 T4: LYNX BASE 24-7 Steve Jones hosts as four people travel to Lapland in a quest to find love S 15.10 ——————————————————————————————————2/6—— ITV1 Tomorrow 126 Subtitles 129 GET A BRAND NEW SEAT IBIZA FOR PENNIES? SEE p684 five Tom Subtitles BBC1 Tom TV Plus
P127 Teletext 127 Dec11 23:16:12  SUNDAY  15.10-18.30 12.12. 15.10 T4: SMALLVILLE: SUPERMAN THE EARLY YEARS Clark meets a girl who also has special powers S 16.10 T4: STARGATE SG-1 Part two of two. Daniel is taken hostage S 17.00 T4: STARGATE SG-1 Carter finds herself alone on the ship S 18.00 THE SIMPSONS Repeat Homer and Bart become street magicians S 18.30 ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— Soaps So Far 118 Films on TV 119   Don't surrender your endowment policy You can get up to 35% more.For your free valuation & brochure (open 24hr) CALL AAP   Authorised and Regulated by the FSA. five Tom Subtitles BBC1 Tom TV Plus
P127 Teletext 127 Dec11 23:17:14  SUNDAY  18.30-21.00 12.12. 18.30 SCRAPHEAP CHALLENGE A countdown of the top 10 fastest challenges from the show, as voted for by viewers. Last in series S 19.30 CHANNEL 4 NEWS S 20.00 WHAT WE STILL DON'T KNOW Martin Rees investigates the structure of the universe, examining the building blocks of life - atoms S 21.00 ——————————————————————————————————4/6—— Now&Next 120 TV Tonight 121               PLAY THE JORDAN MOBILE GAME AND GET LATEST PRE-RELEASED TONES. ITV1 p355 five Tom Subtitles BBC1 Tom TV Plus
P127 Teletext 127 Dec11 23:17:11  SUNDAY  21.00-01.55 12.12. 21.00 FILM: BRING IT ON (2000) Cheerleading comedy with Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku S 22.50 FILM: BULLITT (1968) Thriller with Steve McQueen, Jacqueline Bisset and Robert Vaughn S 01.00 NORAH JONES: LIVE IN NASHVILLE Norah Jones and the Handsome Band perform, with guest Dolly Parton 01.55 ——————————————————————————————————————— TV Pick of the Day 137    CALL:   OR SEE p615 five Tom Subtitles BBC1 Tom TV Plus
P127 Teletext 127 Dec11 23:17:14  MONDAY  01.55-06.00 13.12. 01.55 DISPATCHES Repeat Sorious Samura investigates the plight of refugees trying to flee Darfur 02.45 STRIKE: WHEN BRITAIN WENT TO WAR Repeat Archive film and accounts of the 1984 miners' strike S 04.45 MORGAN AND PLATELL Repeat With Piers Morgan and Amanda Platell 05.15 COUNTDOWN Repeat Word game S N 06.00 S=Subtitles 888 N=NICAM stereo ——————————————————————————————————————— Themed Listings 117 Films on TV 119    100'S OF GIRLS WAITING FOR YOU!   five Tom Subtitles BBC1 Tom TV Plus