P126 Teletext 126 Dec11 23:17:18  SUNDAY  05.30-12.15 12.12. 05.30 ITV MORNING NEWS S 06.00 GMTV News 06.10 The Sunday Programme S 07.30 Diggin' It 08.25 Up on the Roof S 09.25 CITV: FINGER TIPS Advice on revamping boring T-shirts S N 09.35 ART ATTACK Drawing birds and creating watery effects S N 10.00 SCARY SLEEPOVER Haunted house challenge for children S N 10.30 THE CHAMPIONSHIP Highlights of Derby County against Nottingham Forest at Pride Park S N 11.15 MY FAVOURITE HYMNS From St Walburge's Church in Preston S N 12.15 ——————————————————————————————————1/6—— C4 Tomorrow 127 five Tomorrow 128 GET A BRAND NEW SEAT IBIZA FOR PENNIES? SEE p684 C4 Tom five Tom Subtitles TV Plus
P126 Teletext 126 Dec11 23:15:10  SUNDAY  12.15-18.25 12.12. 12.15 FAULTLINES Repeat A look at Indian religion and politics S 12.45 MUSLIM MYTHS Examining common misconceptions about the faith N 13.15 JONATHAN DIMBLEBY INCLUDING ITV NEWS AND WEATHER Hard-hitting political interviews S N 14.10 GRANADA NEWS S N; WEATHER 14.15 FILM: HEAVYWEIGHTS (1994) Comedy starring Aaron Schwartz N 15.55 THE RAILWAY CHILDREN Repeat Family drama with Jenny Agutter and Richard Attenborough S N 18.00 THE UNFORGETTABLE YOOTHA JOYCE Repeat Portrait of the actress S 18.25 ——————————————————————————————————2/6—— Films 119 Now&Next 120 Subtitles 129 Had an accident? Need Advice? See ITV1 p386 C4 Tom five Tom Subtitles TV Plus
P126 Teletext 126 Dec11 23:16:20  SUNDAY  18.25-20.00 12.12. 18.25 GRANADA NEWS S N; WEATHER 18.40 ITV NEWS S N; WEATHER 19.00 EMMERDALE Val returns to the village, bringing Italian toy-boy Gianni with her S N 19.30 CORONATION STREET Shelley holds a meeting with her mother but, on her return to the Rovers, is interrogated by Charlie S N 20.00 ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— Themed Listings 117 Soaps 118    Advice on solving your debts. Free and completely confidential. CALL  M-F 8-8 NOW  SAT 9-5 www.getoutofdebt.tv SEE ITV1 p364 C4 Tom five Tom Subtitles TV Plus
P126 Teletext 126 Dec11 23:16:12  SUNDAY  20.00-23.00 12.12. 20.00 THE ROYAL Nigel Harper prepares for the arrival of an important patient, while Sister Brigid helps a dying alcoholic S N 21.00 AGATHA CHRISTIE'S MARPLE New series of mysteries starring Geraldine McEwan as the sleuth. The corpse of a mysterious blonde is found in Gossington Hall S N 23.00 ——————————————————————————————————4/6—— Soaps 118 Films 119 Subtitles 129   Don't surrender your endowment policy You can get up to 35% more.For your free valuation & brochure (open 24hr) CALL AAP   Authorised and Regulated by the FSA. C4 Tom five Tom Subtitles TV Plus
P126 Teletext 126 Dec11 23:17:14  SUNDAY  23.00-01.30 12.12. 23.00 ITV WEEKEND NEWS S N; WEATHER 23.05 THE SOUTH BANK SHOW Melvyn Bragg presents a profile of successful crime novelist Ruth Rendell S N 00.10 SEX AND RELIGION Repeat Representatives of various religions debate marital sex S N 01.00 CARRY ON LAUGHING Repeat Comedy clips from the British films S 01.30 ——————————————————————————————————5/6—— TV Pick of the Day 137    100'S OF GIRLS WAITING FOR YOU!   C4 Tom five Tom Subtitles TV Plus
P126 Teletext 126 Dec11 23:17:11  MONDAY  01.30-05.30 13.12. 01.30 BUILDING THE DREAM Repeat The winners are announced. With sign-language. Last in series N 02.20 TRISHA Repeat Guests relate their tales of woe. With signing N 03.35 TODAY WITH DES AND MEL Repeat A mixture of celebrity chat and music. With sign-language S N 04.25 ITV NIGHTSCREEN Programme preview 05.30 S=Subtitles 888 N=NICAM stereo ——————————————————————————————————6/6—— Today's TV 111-115    CALL:   OR SEE p615 C4 Tom five Tom Subtitles TV Plus