P591 Teletext 591 Oct27 21:11:40    —————————  ————————————————————————— RUSSANDA CAN TOP THE LOT AT OWLERTON Sunderland and Sheffield kick-start Thursday's BAGS action with 11 races apiece. The afternoon programme has 14 races each from Romford and Crayford. Sheffield open with a handicap hurdles in which the strong-running Russanda Top (T6 11.34) is capable of giving a start and beating to all of his rivals. Crayford's afternoon card also opens up with a timber-topper's event and Speck Tacular (T6 2.18) looks set to win. ——————————————————————————————————1/2—— Racing headlines 550 Race cards 580 p689's Most Sensitive Bet In Yrs Thu 33/1 Winner p689/3 No Longcall... Tracktalk Results Greyhounds Bookies
P591 Teletext 591 Oct27 21:14:12    —————————  ————————————————————————— HOT HOUND UPDATE  Our greyhound team is among the best in the business and now you can cash in on their expertise with our new SMS alerts. Each day they will sort out a special bet — a straight win, a forecast or even the occasional ante-post wager — and deliver it straight to your mobile. Simply text HOUND to 8899 to get this daily 25p message. To cancel, send HOUND STOP to 8899 ——————————————————————————————————2/2—— Messages will cost no more than 25p MORE MOBILE ALERTS — SEE p674 Tracktalk Results Greyhounds Bookies