P389 Teletext 389 Oct27 21:12:51         ———————————— SECONDARY ——————  ———— WRITE IT COMPETITION 11-16s Write us a masterpiece to fit this page — about 70 words or so. * NEW QUESTION! * "IF YOU WERE THE EDITOR OF A MAGAZINE, WHAT WOULD IT BE CALLED AND WHAT TYPE OF ITEMS WOULD YOU INCLUDE IN IT?" £10 book token each week for the winner and a £20 book token for your school. Send essays (with name, age and school address) to: WRITE IT COMPETITION (Secondary), PO BOX 32549, London W4 5TX ——————————————————————————————————1/2—— Win prizes! 307 Ace index 380 MOVIE NEWS, REVIEWS, LISTINGS p310 Kids Next Next Game entral
P389 Teletext 389 Oct27 21:12:06         ———————————— SECONDARY ——————  ———— MAGAZINE... by Charlie Stockford, 11 The John Mason School, Abingdon, Oxon My title would be called Chaz's Cheeky Football Mag. It would include all the latest footie information from all the top 20 Premiership players and the top 10 Premiership teams. It would also include fun crosswords, word searches, anagrams and exciting quizzes, as well as player information. It must be the most fun, interesting, crazy mag in the world. Buy it now! ——————————————————————————————————2/2—— Primary Write It 395 TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT p300 Kids Next Next GameCentral