P353 Teletext 353 Oct27 21:13:01     ——————————————————————————  JOHN PEEL 1939-2004   John Peel's former Radio 1 producer John Walters said of his charge: "We are in real trouble if Peel ever hits puberty." Thank God he never did. Broadcasting on Radio 1 since it began in 1967 right up until the holiday in Peru where he suffered a fatal heart attack, John Peel kept a boyish passion for new music, championing unknown acts from Jimi Hendrix to The White Stripes. Not bad for a man who once claimed: "My knowledge of music is very over-rated." ——————————————————————————————————1/8—— by John Earls NEED A HELPING HAND? TRY TELETEXT LIFESTYLE ALERTS-p108 Reviews Charts Game entral TV Guide
P353 Teletext 353 Oct27 21:11:16     ——————————————————————————  JOHN PEEL 1939-2004   John Peel, real name John Ravenscroft, was born near Chester and attended Shrewsbury School. Other old boys include Michael Palin and Paul Foot. The young Ravenscroft was an academic failure, but a housemaster encouraged him to play "very noisy records" in his study. "He rather liked the idea of a disruptive influence," he said in 1989. Already in love with radio, Ravenscroft thought: "What I'd really like is playing songs I love to other people." ——————————————————————————————————2/8—— Tributes pour in for Peel 351 NORTON LOANS SEE p615 Reviews Charts G!meCentral TV Guide
P353 Teletext 353 Oct27 21:11:31     ——————————————————————————  JOHN PEEL 1939-2004   John Peel, then still John Ravenscroft, started in radio when he went to Dallas in 1962 after his national service. He admitted he was helped by Beatlemania, as "the station thought there were only 200 people in Britain, so therefore I must know The Beatles". He returned to Britain in 1967, where he changed his surname. Ravenscroft was deemed too long for Radio London listeners to remember, with "Peel" suggested at random by a secretary. ——————————————————————————————————3/8—— Your Peel tributes to... 352 Get your daily Marjorie Orr horoscope sent to your mobile See p108 Reviews Charts G!me entral TV Guide
P353 Teletext 353 Oct27 21:11:46     ——————————————————————————  JOHN PEEL 1939-2004   Within a year of returning to Britain to work on pirate radio stations, John Peel was one of Radio 1's founding DJs. "You can either see it as selfless dedication to public broadcasting or as a shocking lack of ambition," said Peel in August on staying with the station. Despite self-deprecation, he was proud that his 900,000 listeners included the highest percentage of listeners under 15. "We don't do that nauseating thing of being down with the kids," he said. ——————————————————————————————————4/8—— Reviews 354 Travel 170 ITV1 Had an accident? Need Advice? See ITV1 p386 Reviews Charts GameCentral TV Guide
P353 Teletext 353 Oct27 21:12:16     ——————————————————————————  JOHN PEEL 1939-2004   The only controversy in John Peel's life is that he married a 15-year-old girl without knowing her real age when he lived in Dallas in the 1960s. But, on returning to England, he wed Sheila. The couple had four children, now in their twenties, and lived happily near Stowmarket, Suffolk. "In London, you always feel like you're missing out on an essential Polish Film Festival," said Peel. "That's never an issue in Stowmarket." ——————————————————————————————————6/8—— Gigs 358-64 Ace 380 Get your daily Marjorie Orr horoscope sent to your mobile See p108 Reviews Charts G!me entral TV Guide
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P353 Teletext 353 Oct27 21:12:46     ——————————————————————————  JOHN PEEL 1939-2004   John Peel grew a beard in his late 20s, shaving it off briefly when he was 41. "I looked like a cross between my mum and Mussolini," he recalled. He was sent over 100 demos a day. "It could be our kids," he said. "I think 'Please be good.' When it isn't, it's actually quite difficult to take." Peel's gentle wit is summed up by his unfinished autobiography. "I wrote a sweet 5,000 word burst," he recalled. "And pressed Delete instead of Save." ——————————————————————————————————8/8—— Travis, Placebo, Manics albums 354 CELEBRITY WALLPAPERS FOR YOUR MOBILE SEE p656 Reviews Charts G!meCentral TV Guide