P303 Teletext 303 Oct27 21:12:48       ———————————————————————————————  LETTERS TO TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT Your Letters is your chance to comment on the stories covered by the Total Entertainment team. Letters must be no more than 60 words and include your FULL NAME and ADDRESS. This also applies to e-mail letters. Letters without this information will not be considered for broadcast. Write to TE LETTERS, TELETEXT, PO BOX 32549, LONDON W4 5TX. Fax 0870 731 3085 e-mail: te@teletext.co.uk ——————————————————————————————————1/4—— Daltrey biographer 142 ITV1/302 C4 HOW TO CONTACT TELETEXT p109 DVDs CDs Bonfire Entertainment
P303 Teletext 303 Oct27 21:12:53       ———————————————————————————————  DOUBLE THE TROUBLE AND THE FUN Dear Total Entertainment I'm a very big fan of both the Alien and Predator films and to have these two beasts finally facing off against each other to see who is the ultimate film beast is a very good idea. They must be the ultimate killing machines ever put on film, making Jason, Freddy and Michael look amateurish. I do hope this film is successful enough that it's not dragged out into endless sequels. Simon Outten, Boston Spa, W Yorks ——————————————————————————————————2/4—— Main Events guide 146 ITV1/306 C4 Get KYLIE & other tickets Ticketmaster 0870 4000771 or p646 DVDs CDs Bonfire Entertainment
P303 Teletext 303 Oct27 21:12:11       ———————————————————————————————  SHARK WOULD SEND ET HOME Dear Total Entert!inment Re: the request for suggestions of film franchise mergers. How about Critters v Gremlins? Or Jaws v ET, I really didn't like him. Leaving films aside, Cliff Richard v Robbie Williams would keep these pages full for months. David Smith, Portsmouth ——————————————————————————————————3/4—— Planet Sound music news 350 C4 Get your daily Marjorie Orr horoscope sent to your mobile See p108 DVDs CDs Bonfire Entertainment
P303 Teletext 303 Oct27 21:11:23       ———————————————————————————————  SOME THRILLERS ARE THRILL-LESS Dear Total Entertainment Jeremy Jehu's comment that Carl Hiaasen's latest novel is Hiaasen by numbers, struck a chord with me. Dan Brown is just such an author. Angels And Demons was something different, then I read The Da Vinci Code. They were cleverly executed and a joyful sort of bunkum. I would not pick up another one as I would know what to expect. Harlen Coben's thrillers are different every time. Margaret Reid, West Lothian ——————————————————————————————————4/4—— National Lottery poll 139 C4 One.Tel Broadband & Calls £29.99 see ITV1 p385 DVDs CDs Bonfire Entertainment