P208 Teletext 208 Oct27 21:02:09 0800 Cancellations 16/21 OPEN MON-SUN 8AM-10PM,ABTA G7020  U    ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A LATE DEAL FROM YOUR LOCAL AIRPORT? WE SPECIALISE IN LATE OFFERS WITH EXCLUSIVE AND DISCOUNTED DEALS AVAILABLE. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME PHONING AROUND...WE'LL DO THE WORK FOR YOU!    CCC2.5%+B/FEE£15PP TOD£12PP ATOL5389 Total Ents TV Guide Index Hol Index
P208 Teletext 208 Oct27 21:02:38 0800 Cancellations 17/21 OPN MON-FRI 9AM-10PM,ATOL5389,PR FROM       @@   OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER WHERE NOTHING IS TOO MUCH TROUBLE TO FIND THE HOLIDAY OF YOUR DREAMS!! WE ARE OPEN WHEN YOU WANT TO BOOK. OPEN EVERY DAY UNTIL 10PM WE AIM TO BEAT ANY GENUINE QUOTE. BARGAINS FROM ALL UK DESTINATIONS CALL US FREEPHONE NOW!!    CCC2.5%+B/FEE£15PP TOD£12PP ABTAG7020 Total Ents TV Guide Index Hol Index