P136 Teletext 136 Oct27 21:12:23   ——————————————————— On Tuesday's TV ——— Channel 4's Teachers appears to have abandoned all dramatic conventions and decided instead to establish a British television record for foul language. The show is well on the way as the number of swear words is way into treble figures, but no recognisable story or credible characters remain. There was the occasional brilliantly surreal moment amid the chaotic and improbable lunacy, but otherwise the only reason for watching is to see Lloyd McGuire's brilliant performance. ——————————————————————————————————1/3—— Your favourite Channel 4 shows 400 GET YOUR CELEBRITY GOSSIP & PICS DAILY SEE p617 Pick TV Guide Total Ents City
P136 Teletext 136 Oct27 21:12:43   ——————————————————— On Tuesday's TV ——— BBC1's dr!ma series A Thing Called Love certainly likes to present a mixed bag of sexual stories, but Kelvin's dangerous lurch into homosexuality was the least convincing to date. Actor Ben Miles took a running jump at playing an outwardly straight guy suddenly starting to experiment but he missed it by a mile. It was too daft to be shocking and Paula's brave decision to ditch Tony the ludicrously over romantic builder was much more interesting. ——————————————————————————————————2/3—— TV Plus index 130 FIND YOUR LOST LOVED ONES p151 Pick TV Guide Total Ents City
P136 Teletext 136 Oct27 21:13:03   ——————————————————— On Tuesday's TV ——— BBC2's so far well received Who Do You Think You Are? ran out of steam in a big way with Sue Johnston's attempts to investigate her family tree. She was convinced her grandfather once drove the famous Flying Scotsman but a uisit to the Railw!y Museum at York soon punctured that balloon. Sue tried hard to make her search interesting but was forced to dream up romantic ideas from old records and certificates. Sue's present is clearly more compelling than her past. ——————————————————————————————————————— TV Plus index 130 IS LOVE IN THE AIR FOR YOU? p148 Pick TV Guide Total Ents City