P128 Teletext 128 Oct27 21:12:20  THURSDAY  06.00-09.15 28.10. 06.00 SUNRISE Breakfast headlines N 06.30 MILKSHAKE!: FRANKLIN N 06.55 HI-5 Children's series S N 07.30 PEPPA PIG Daddy Pig tells Peppa and George a bedtime story N 07.35 FUNKY VALLEY Clara sets up a cafe to make some extra money N 07.45 MAKE WAY FOR NODDY Repeat Mr Wobbly Man takes up football N 08.00 BEAR IN THE BIG BLUE HOUSE Repeat The pals do a bit of cleaning S N 08.35 ROLIE POLIE OLIE Repeat N 09.05 MECHANICK The mayor visits N 09.10 SOFTIES The friends enjoy playing wooden and metal xylophones N 09.15 ——————————————————————————————————1/6—— BBC1 Tomorrow 124 BBC2 Tomorrow 125 GET A PLASMA TV &'LA-Z BOY' FOR PENNIES? SEE - p684 Subtitles BBC1 Tom BBC2 Tom ITV1 Tom
P128 Teletext 128 Oct27 21:12:40  THURSDAY  09.15-14.35 28.10. 09.15 MIO MAO The kittens play in the mud with their pal the piglet N 09.25 THE WRIGHT STUFF Michael Buerk and Martin Offiah join the host N 10.30 SUNSET BEACH Repeat Ben can't believe Annie killed her dad S N 11.25 HOUSE DOCTOR Repeat Ann Maurice improves a home in Stepney S N 11.50 THE WRIGHT STUFF EXTRA N 12.00 FIVE NEWS AT NOON S N 12.30 HOME AND AWAY Repeat A blast from the past arrives in Summer Bay S 13.00 FAMILY AFFAIRS Repeat Babs plays matchmaker to Tanya and Dave S N 13.35 BRAINTEASER Daily word games N 14.35 ——————————————————————————————————2/6—— ITV1 Tomorrow 126 Subtitles 129 THOMSON HOLIDAYS See ITV1 p269 Subtitles BBC1 Tom BBC2 Tom ITV1 Tom
P128 Teletext 128 Oct27 21:13:00  THURSDAY  14.35-18.30 28.10. 14.35 THE RESTAURANT Bad reviews greet the opening of the restaurant S N 15.35 FILM: GLORY AND HONOUR (1998) Fact-based drama starring Delroy Lindo and Henry Czerny S N 17.30 FIVE NEWS S N; WEATHER 18.00 HOME AND AWAY Rhys calls time on his conflict with Kane, and Noah strives to help Hayley S 18.30 ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— Themed Listings 117 Subtitles 129    Advice on solving your debts. Free and completely confidential. CALL  M-F 8-8 NOW  SAT 9-5 www.getoutofdebt.tv SEE ITV1 p364 Subtitles BBC1 Tom BBC2 Tom ITV1 Tom
P128 Teletext 128 Oct27 21:11:21  THURSDAY  18.30-22.00 28.10. 18.30 FAMILY AFFAIRS Conrad's son, Alex, arrives in Charnham S N 19.00 FIVE NEWS S N; WEATHER 19.30 BIG ART CHALLENGE The judges pass judgement on creative talent at the Lowry Gallery in Salford S N 20.00 FILM: SIX DAYS, SEVEN NIGHTS (1998) Adventure with Harrison Ford and Anne Heche S N 22.00 ——————————————————————————————————4/6—— Soaps So Far 118 Films on TV 119   Don't surrender your endowment policy You can get up to 35% more.For your free valuation & brochure (open 24hr) CALL AAP   Authorised and Regulated by the FSA. Subtitles BBC1 Tom BBC2 Tom ITV1 Tom
P128 Teletext 128 Oct27 21:11:40  THURSDAY  22.00-00.40 28.10. 22.00 FILM: ROMY AND MICHELE'S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION (1997) Comedy starring Lisa Kudrow S N 23.50 SEX AND THE SETTEE Five women gather in an apartment to talk about their personal lives S N 00.15 SEX AND THE SETTEE Five women gather to discuss their sexual likes, dreams and dislikes S N 00.40 ——————————————————————————————————5/6—— TV Now and Next 120 TV Tonight 121 Get an Extra Night and Day FREE this Winter at Disneyland Resort Paris! When you book a 2 or 3 night package*   14Nov-13Dec + other selected dates. Terms & conditions apply Subtitles BBC1 Tom BBC2 Tom ITV1 Tom
P128 Teletext 128 Oct27 21:02:00  FRIDAY  00.40-06.00 29.10. 00.40 WORLD SERIES BASEBALL St Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox in the World Series game five 04.00 2004 X GAMES Highlights of this year's extreme sports competition staged in Los Angeles N 04.30 PORTUGUESE FOOTBALL Coverage of Benfica's match against Nacional at the Stadium of Light 06.00 S=Subtitles 888 N=NICAM stereo ——————————————————————————————————6/6—— Today's TV 111-115    100'S OF GIRLS WAITING FOR YOU!   Subtitles BBC1 Tom BBC2 Tom ITV1 Tom