P127 Teletext 127 Oct27 21:02:00  THURSDAY  06.10-10.10 28.10. 06.10 THE HOOBS Repeat Puppet antics S 06.35 THE HOOBS Repeat The playful pals try out different disguises S 07.00 B4 With the latest chart videos S 07.30 FRIENDS Repeat Monica applies for a job in a fancy restaurant S 08.00 EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND Part two of two. Robert and Amy tie the knot in classic Barone style S 08.25 THE KING OF QUEENS Doug and his new friend Ray play golf S 08.55 THE BERNIE MAC SHOW Repeat Bernie becomes security-conscious S 09.20 ED Carol is sued for writing a scathing restaurant review S 10.10 ——————————————————————————————————1/6—— five Tomorrow 128 BBC1 Tomorrow 124 NORTON LOANS SEE p615 five Tom Subtitles BBC1 Tom TV Plus
P127 Teletext 127 Oct27 21:12:20  THURSDAY  10.10-16.00 28.10. 10.10 ER Repeat A battle-weary Carter returns to County General S 11.05 THIRD WATCH A mentally ill woman snatches a baby from a hospital S 11.55 TODAY'S SPECIAL Repeat Short films capturing life in London S 12.00 NEWS AT NOON Daily update S 12.30 CHEERS Repeat Rebecca forgets her drunken confession to Sam S 13.00 WHAT'S IN A WORD Repeat The origins of the English language S 13.15 FILM: CARRINGTON VC (1954) Legal dr!ma starring David Niven and Margaret Leighton BW S 15.15 COUNTDOWN With guest Tim Rice S N 16.00 ——————————————————————————————————2/6—— ITV1 Tomorrow 126 Subtitles 129 GET A PLASMA TV &'LA-Z BOY' FOR PENNIES? SEE - p684 five Tom Subtitles BBC1 Tom TV Plus
P127 Teletext 127 Oct27 21:12:40  THURSDAY  16.00-19.55 28.10. 16.00 A PLACE IN THE SUN Searching for a property in Istria, Croatia 17.00 RICHARD & JUDY The duo chat to Geordie comedian Ross Noble S 18.00 FRIENDS Repeat Phoebe is mistaken for a famous porn actress S 18.30 HOLLYOAKS Mandy helps Max and OB find a suitable babysitter S 19.00 CHANNEL 4 NEWS S 19.55 ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— Soaps So Far 118 Films on TV 119    Advice on solving your debts. Free and completely confidential. CALL  M-F 8-8 NOW  SAT 9-5 www.getoutofdebt.tv SEE ITV1 p364 five Tom Subtitles BBC1 Tom TV Plus
P127 Teletext 127 Oct27 21:13:02  THURSDAY  19.55-21.00 28.10. 19.55 3 MINUTE WONDER: WE ARE WHAT WE DO Last in series S 20.00 BEYOND RIVER COTTAGE Hugh tries to get his proposed rest!urant up and running in two weeks S 20.30 NO GOING BACK: CHAOS AT THE CASTLE Patrick and Colette are hit by a massive bill to repair its 140-year-old windows S 21.00 ——————————————————————————————————4/6—— Now&Next 120 TV Tonight 121       five Tom Subtitles BBC1 Tom TV Plus
P127 Teletext 127 Oct27 21:11:21  THURSDAY  21.00-01.45 28.10. 21.00 TEENAGE TRANSSEXUALS Exploration of the problems of young people suffering with gender dysphoria S 22.00 FILM: 8MM (1999) Gritty thriller starring Nicolas Cage S 00.20 EUROTRASH Photographers embark on a naked safari around Paris S 00.45 LINE OF FIRE A prostitute implores Roy to kill her father S 01.45 ——————————————————————————————————————— TV Pick of the Day 137 Get an Extra Night and Day FREE this Winter at Disneyland Resort Paris! When you book a 2 or 3 night package*   14Nov-13Dec + other selected dates. Terms & conditions apply five Tom Subtitles BBC1 Tom TV Plus
P127 Teletext 127 Oct27 21:11:41  FRIDAY  01.45-06.05 29.10. 01.45 ER Repeat Abby starts work in the neonatal intensive care unit S 02.40 FREESPORTS ON 4 The Etnies Skateboard Championships S 03.00 FREESPORTS ON 4 The Billabong Pro surfing event in Tahiti 03.55 KOTV Boxing magazine 04.25 TRANS WORLD SPORT Repeat 05.20 COUNTDOWN With guest Tim Rice S 06.05 S=Subtitles 888 N=NICAM stereo ——————————————————————————————————————— Themed Listings 117 Films on TV 119    100'S OF GIRLS WAITING FOR YOU!   five Tom Subtitles BBC1 Tom TV Plus