P126 Teletext 126 Oct27 21:11:40  THURSDAY  05.30-15.15 28.10. 05.30 ITV MORNING NEWS S 06.00 GMTV GMTV Newshour S 07.00 GMTV Today 08.25 Up on the Roof 09.25 TRISHA Repeat Studio debate S N 10.30 THIS MORNING Pop rockers Busted perform live in the studio S N 12.30 ITV LUNCHTIME NEWS S N; WEATHER S N 13.00 EVERYTHING MUST GO A woman sorts through her mum's possessions S N 14.00 MOVING DAY A St Albans couple move into a converted barn S N 14.30 FAT CHANCE A fitness contest degenerates into a brawl S N 15.00 GRANADA NEWS S N; WEATHER 15.14 ——————————————————————————————————1/6—— C4 Tomorrow 127 five Tomorrow 128 GET A PLASMA TV &'LA-Z BOY' FOR PENNIES? SEE - p684 C4 Tom five Tom Subtitles TV Plus
P126 Teletext 126 Oct27 21:02:59  THURSDAY  15.15-18.30 28.10. 15.15 CITV: MIFFY AND FRIENDS Repeat Adventures with the rabbit S N 15.20 FUN SONG FACTORY The gang learn what friends are for S N 15.30 MR BEAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES N 15.45 GRIZZLY TALES FOR GRUESOME KIDS Repeat Ginger and Mad Milo terrorise an elderly man S N 16.00 SCARY SLEEPOVER Children spend the night in a haunted house N 16.30 BARKING New series. Comedy drama starring Katy McGowan S N 17.00 THE PAUL O'GRADY SHOW Daily entertainment show S N 18.00 GRANADA REPORTS S N; WEATHER 18.30 ——————————————————————————————————2/6—— Films 119 Now&Next 120 Subtitles 129 Had an accident? Need Advice? See ITV1 p386 C4 Tom five Tom Subtitles TV Plus
P126 Teletext 126 Oct27 21:12:10  THURSDAY  18.30-20.00 28.10. 18.30 ITV EVENING NEWS S N; WEATHER S N 19.00 EMMERDALE Diane admits she is terrified of chemotherapy, revealing she hasn't spoken to Jack about her fears S N 19.30 THE BIG DAY New series exploring major events in people's lives, starting with aspiring thespians from Salford and Manchester S N 20.00 ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— Themed Listings 117 Soaps 118       C4 Tom five Tom Subtitles TV Plus
P126 Teletext 126 Oct27 21:12:40  THURSDAY  20.00-22.00 28.10. 20.00 THE BILL Yvonne learns Beverley was assaulted by her own husband and alerts CID, only for the case to take an unexpected twist S 21.00 HOLIDAY SHOWDOWN Families from Yorkshire and Lancashire share each others' holidays in Benidorm and Austria - and before long the two clans are at loggerheads S N 22.00 ——————————————————————————————————4/6—— Soaps 118 Films 119 Subtitles 129    TEXT WITH GIRLS NOW!   C4 Tom five Tom Subtitles TV Plus
P126 Teletext 126 Oct27 21:14:58  THURSDAY  22.00-00.30 28.10. 22.00 THE FRANK SKINNER SHOW Chat with Brian McFadden and Alex Kapranos. Continued after the news S N 22.30 ITV NEWS S N; WEATHER 23.00 THE FRANK SKINNER SHOW S N 23.30 GRANADA SOCCER NIGHT Highlights of the weekend's games N 00.00 ORANGE PLAYLIST With Nicky Wire of Manic Street Preachers S N 00.30 ——————————————————————————————————5/6—— TV Pick of the Day 137   Don't surrender your endowment policy You can get up to 35% more.For your free valuation & brochure (open 24hr) CALL AAP   Authorised and Regulated by the FSA. C4 Tom five Tom Subtitles TV Plus
P126 Teletext 126 Oct27 21:11:20  FRIDAY  00.30-05.30 29.10. 00.30 WOLF LAKE A serial killer begins a reign of terror in the town S N 01.15 SHOOT THE WRITERS! S N 01.40 STRICTLY SOHO Repeat S 02.05 ITV AT THE READING FESTIVAL Sets by Placebo and the Hives S N 03.00 CYBERNET Technology magazine S N 03.25 THE PAUL O'GRADY SHOW Repeat S N 04.20 ITV NIGHTSCREEN Programme guide 05.30 S=Subtitles 888 N=NICAM stereo ——————————————————————————————————6/6—— Today's TV 111-115 Get an Extra Night and Day FREE this Winter at Disneyland Resort Paris! When you book a 2 or 3 night package*   14Nov-13Dec + other selected dates. Terms & conditions apply C4 Tom five Tom Subtitles TV Plus