P119 Teletext 119 Oct27 21:12:18    ON  WEDNESDAY 15.40 five SUMMER OF FEAR Two different men meet under painful circumstances, little realising fate had already brought them together once before, in the wake of another eerie occurrence 20 years previous. Thriller starring David Gallagher. (US 1996) 110mins 21.00 ITV1 DIE ANOTHER DAY James Bond sets out to exact revenge on the villains responsible for his capture by the North Koreans - and ends up uncovering a plot masterminded by an evil genius. Spy adventure starring Pierce Brosnan. (GB 2002) 155mins ——————————————————————————————————1/3—— Today's TV 111-115 DAILY LOTTO AND EUROMILLIONS p122 Now&Next TV Tonight Daily Lotto TV Plus
P119 Teletext 119 Oct27 21:11:38    ON  WEDNESDAY 21.00 five THE BODYGUARD Kevin Costner stars as a CIA agent-turned-bodyguard who agrees to babysit a famous singer plagued by death threats - unaware of the effect they will have on each other's lives. Romantic thriller with Whitney Houston. (US 1992) 155mins ——————————————————————————————————2/3—— Themed Listings 117 Don't miss the best TV stories...     page 130 Now&Next TV Tonight Daily Lotto TV Plus
P119 Teletext 119 Oct27 21:13:57    ON  WEDNESDAY 23.45 BBC1 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER A lonely surveillance expert is employed to track down a woman suspected of blackmail, but the situation becomes complicated when he witnesses the target committing a murder. Thriller with Ewan McGregor. (US 1999) 105mins ——————————————————————————————————3/3—— Detailed guide to tomorrow's TV 124-8  Come rain or shine  Teletext will   tell you...     Weather p151 ITV1  Now&Next TV Tonight Daily Lotto TV Plus