P667 Teletext 663 May24 16:00:01         ———————————— SECONDARY ——————  ———— ATTENTION 11-16s (& teachers) The ultimate English test. Write a 70-word masterpiece to fit this page! Subject: MY SECRET FEAR Essays will appear here and the best win prizes for you and your school. Send entries (with name, —fd & school) To: WRI D IT (Secondary) Teletext PO Box 297 London SW6 1XT ——————————————————————————————————1/3—— Careers advice 654 Blackboard 661 RETURN OF WRINKLY ROCK p628 Write it Frame it Cinema Careers
P667 Teletext 667 May24 16:00:01         ———————————— SECONDARY ——————  ———— MY SECRET FEAR by Spencer Lawrence, 14, Brannel School, St Austell, Cornwall With trembling heart and quivering voice, I step forward. Forward to what I feel is my destiny. Forward to everlasting bliss, to a new life. But then, a mist of fear descends upon me, enveloping me and smothering all feeling. The smallest doubt is magnified a millionfold. I stammer, sputter, make my excuses and withdraw. My fear of rejection has again triumphed over the prospect of happiness. ——————————————————————————————————2/3—— Frame it 669 Digitiser 470 PROFILE: ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT p445 Write it Frame it Cinema Careers
P667 Teletext 663 May24 16:00:10         ———————————— SECONDARY ——————   ———— THE RULES We'll publish ONE of your essays on this page every weekday (sending you a colour print-out if you've remembered to include your address!) Each week, we'll pick ONE winning essay, and that lucky person wins a £10 book token for themselves and a prize for their school. The editor's decision is final! OK? LAST WEEK'S WINNER: CLARE PLANNER, 15, Hornsey, North London ——————————————————————————————————3/3—— First degree 665 Digitiser 470 FOO$6FAR FOR SER N$S VEGGIES p466 Write it Frame it Cinema Careers