P664 Teletext 665 May24 16:01:12       ——————  ———————————————————  EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE BUYERS' GUIDE In our weekly Keyboard feature, we review new education software pacC—fds. But before you go out and buy software, here are a few things to check: That it's compatible with your type of computer (eg Acorn or PC) That your computer is powerful enough to run it and has enough memory. Whether you need additional software to run the program - l—ny PC pack!fds also need Microsoft Ghndows cont... ——————————————————————————————————1/6—— KEYBOARD is written by George Cole GREENING THE PLANET....p460 1st Degree Further On Fun Finance
P664 Teletext 665 May24 16:01:01       ——————  ———————————————————  SOF VARE BUYERS' GUIDE Before bpxhng software, check: whether you need additional hardware, such as a CD-RNL drive. that the software has educational value! The golden rule for buying software is: Try before you buy. Some companies provide demonstration discs. ——————————————————————————————————2/6—— NEW SOFTWARE REVIEWS HERE EVERY MONDAY COMPUTER-WISER WITH DIGI$JSER p470 1st Degree Further On Fun Finance
P664 Teletext 665 May24 16:01:00       ——————  ———————————————————  ANIMAL ALPHABET Format: PC Windows/Apple Mac CD-Rom Price: £41 (PC) £47.59 (Mac) Age: Pre-school/Primary Snakes alive! Animal Alphabet is an electronic book which helps children recognise letters. Each letter is associated with a cartoon animal which comes to life with sound, animation and spoken text. The dasc is easy to use and children can also watch video clips of real animals. ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— Kim dc; 0202 888873 THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: p671 1st Degree Further On Fun Finance
P664 Teletext 665 May24 16:00:01       ——————  ———————————————————  AN A TO Z OF LOVE AND SEX Format: PC Price : £45(school licence) £25(parent) Age : Upper secondary + This title has proved controversial because it contains explicit information about sex. But An A to Z of Love and Sex offers good advice on many issues, including the law, safer sex and caring. It would be irfful as part of a sensible sex education programme. ——————————————————————————————————4/6—— Passada Software: 0903 773238 TELETEXT AND COPYRIGHT p691 1st Degree Further On Fun Finance
P664 Teletext 665 May24 16:00:10        ——————  ———————————————————  MUTANOID MATHS CHALLENGE Format: PC Price: £19.99 Age: 7+ Can your children save the world? Mutanoid Maths Challenge is a battle of brains against a grisly set of aliens. It involves solving mathematical equations, arranged in the form of a crossword puzzle. Equations can often be solved in several ways, and the games can be set for various ability levels. ——————————————————————————————————5/6—— Europress Software; 0625 859333 BRIDGE THE GENERATION GAP p441 1st Degree Further On Fun Finance
P664 Teletext 664 May24 16:00:00       ——————  ———————————————————  PARLEZ VOUS PAINTSPA? Format: Nimbus 186/PC Price: £17.62 Age: Middle/Secondary Parle: vous PaintSpa? is a beginner's guide to French which uses a variety of activities to help children develop langr—ff skills. The activities include selecting items on the screen, following instructions in French to build a picture, and telling the time. Designed to be prfd with Spa's PaintSpa and BannerPlus. ——————————————————————————————————6/6—— Spa: 0684 833700 EDUCATION PROBLEMS ANSWERED p622 1st Degree Further On Fun Finance