P559 Teletext 559 May24 16:01:04 IF YOU ARE PLAYING CASHLINES  LAST DAY There are 5 pages on Teletext each with a winning CASHLINES number at the bottom of the page. If you have a CASHLINES index card and the lucky number on your card matches exactly any of the CASHLINES numbers, you can claim up to £1,000. Today's pages are:  ITV - 116 Ch4 - 503 CASHLINES 164 612  win  674 up to  £1000  How to claim p374 (ITV)  CASHLINE NUMBERS  CHANGE 12 NOON DAILY    TO GET AN INDEX CARD  SEE FOLLOWING PAGE... 1/2 Headlines Cards Greyhounds NAPS Contest
P559 Teletext 559 May24 16:01:15 HOW TO GET YOUR NEW INDEX CARD  To get a copy of the latest Teletext index card, detailing the wide range of sections available on $fletext on ITV and Channel Four: Phone 0891 78 75 78 Or send a stamped, addressed envelope to: Teletext Index Cards PO Box 297 London SW6 1XT  Latest Winner: J.UTTING, LIVERPOOL  Calls are 39p/lin cheap,49p.lhn other Headlines Cards Greyhounds NAPS Contest