P534 Teletext 535 May24 16:03:40       If you have Sterling International £1 million Gross Account to invest BALANCE RATES you can £500-£9,999 5.75% earn an £10,000-£39,999 6.00% impressive £40,000-£99,999 6.10% 7% gross pa £100,000-£249,999 6.50% and still £250,000-£999,999 6.75% have instant £1,000,000+ 7.00% access to Current interest rates your money. (variable) gross p.a. What's more  you can  open an  account with GUERNSEY just £500. TELEPHONE: 0481 715735 Main Menu TV City News A-Z Index
P534 Teletext 535 May24 16:01:12 Deposits made with the offices of Woolwich Guernsey Limited in Guernsey are not covered by the Deposit Protection Scheme under the Banking Act 0887. However, under Section 22 of the Building Societies Act 1986, all liabilities of the company are guaranteed by Woolwich Building Society. Deposits may be made in any currency. Woolwich Guernsey Limited: Principal place of business and registered office, PO BOX 341, St Peter Port, Guernsey. Tel: 0481 715 735 Registered under the Provisions of the Protection of Depositors (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Ordinances 1971-1990 as —lfnded. 2/3 Main Menu TV City News A-Z Index
P534 Teletext 535 May24 16:01:21 Representative office: 3/3 Woolwich Building Society, Corporate Headquarters, Watling Street, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7RR. Tel: 081 298 5000. Paid up Share Capital and reserves exceeding £10m. Incorporated in Guernsey, registration no:25381. Copies of the company's most recent audited accounts available on request. A wholly owned subsidiary of Woolwich Building Society. No deposits or withdrawals may be made through Woolwich Building Society Branches. Rates shown are correct as at 23 May 1994 but are variable. Gross paxldnt of interest is without deduction of income tax. Main Menu TV City News A-Z Index