P525 Teletext 525 May24 16:00:01       ———————————————— NEWS ————————  TROUBLED PICTURE AT YORKS TV Troubled ITV broadcaster Yorkshire-Tyne Tees claims to have its "strengths intact" as it reported further losses. The group was plunged into crisis last year when it emerged it had sold too much advertising at heavy discounts. The interim loss was £4.6m from a £3.8m profit before, but chairman Ward Thomas said profits were up before the ITC licence fee and the group had no debts. ——————————————————————————————————————— Yorkshire-Tyne Tees resqlts in full 522 POPULAR SHARES: LA$FST PRICES p516 Next CityIndex Shares Family Finance
P525 Teletext 525 May24 16:02:10       ———————————————— NEWS ————————  BRANSON BID FOR FM LICENCE FAILS Richard Branson has failed to win an FM licence for Virgin 1204. The Radio Authority, which awards the licences, has decided to use the vacant frequencies for a combination of city stations and community radio. Chairman Lord Chalfont said the news "offers the most flexibility of potential licencees and the greatest choice for listeners." ——————————————————————————————————————— Financial headlines 500 City index 501 POPULAR SHARES: LATEST PRICES p516 Next CityIndex Shares Family Finance