P471 Teletext 471 May24 16:01:54    ——————————————— BMG: A NAME TO WATCH? The Bertelsmann Music Group may not exactly be a household n—lf, but they do happen to be a major subsidiary of the second largest media group in the world, just behind us and our mum. Record labels RCA, Arista, and Ariola are three of the companies nestling under this huge, German-built, carbine- shaped snout. Whilst all this may be inconsequential to vampires in vortices, BMG are shaping up to become pretty major players in the games arena. ——————————————————————————————————1/3—— The Postie's Sack 474 Turner 448 STUFF UP OUR COMPY FUNNEL p475  Index Fun & Games Comp-o-Tips
P471 Teletext 470 May24 16:02:01    ——————————————— BMG: A NAME TO WATCH? BMG Multimedia, as the new company will be called, has already tied up a major distribution deal with big-time 3D0 supporter Crystal Dynamics - soon to start work on Sony PlayStation (PS-X) and Sega Saturn product. Theygve also joined up with Rocket Science, a new games firm co-founded by Hollywood special effects veteran Ron "Corn" Cobb. Rocket Science, like Crystal Dynamics, will focus on "next generation" machines and CD- NL ——————————————————————————————————2/3—— Chart Part 476 Comp-o-Tips 475 FREE TELETEXT INDEX CARD p373 ITV  Index Fun & Games Comp-o-Tips
P471 Teletext 471 May24 16:00:29    ———————————  ——— SENSI GOLF UPDATE —— Many viewers - most with hooting rabbit ears - have enquired into progress on Mr Deevus Loves Me, our compy to design a hidden sub-game to feature in the forthcoming Sensible Golf. Sensible are currently perusing efforts by our ten chosen finalists: David Smith, Dean Reilly, Steven Martin, Andrew Webster, Graham Goring, Darrel Spence, —lje Rathbone, Robert Woods, Alan Harding and W Clark. Not here? Don't die. If Sensi dislike the above, we'll send 'em all the rest. ——————————————————————————————————3/3—— Generator 440 Letterator 474 JUST A STEP FROM HUNTER/HEAVEN p626 Rdwhews Index Fun & Games Comp-o-Tips