P443 Teletext 443 May24 16:00:13        ———————  —————————————————————————— ALBUM REVIEW THE DIVISION BELL by PINK FLOYD At first this sounds quite boring and as Nick Mason said, "We are the most boring group." Bup after several plays, it grows on you and latd on a Friday night, mellowing out, you can appreciate how well it's been made and produced. Never in the same league as Atom Heart Mother, @nhmals or Meddle, but it's OK. TB, Comfortably Numb in Pompey ——————————————————————————————————2/7—— Erm, I agree with Mr Mason! OLD ROCKERS NEVER DIE - JUST BO"D Sounds Arrespdd Angst Pen pals
P443 Teletext 443 May24 16:01:22        ———————  —————————————————————————— HOW TO GET YOUR THEME STUFF SCREENED The themes are: Top Tens, opinions about the 'Zine, any suggespions, TV revaews, Sport views, Soap reviews, Album, Single or Film RevAews. Each day will feature a different theme JUST MARK YOUR ENVELOPE CLEARLY (ie Top Ten or Film Review) and...POST Only the funniest and most original letters will be screened. So write to Mec—Xphne, PO Box 297, London SW6 1XT. ——————————————————————————————————7/7—— It's all yours ^ above the white line MEGA-ZINE FAX: 071 386 5618 Sounds Arrestdd Angst Pen pals
P443 Teletext 443 May24 16:00:10        ———————  —————————————————————————— TOP DN POGUES SONGS 1 If I Should Fall From Grace With God 2 A Pair of Brown xfs 3 Dirty Old Town 4 S5lldp in Siam 5 Sayonara 6 Fairy Tale of New York 7 White City 8 Misty Morning Albert Bridge 9 Streams of Whisky 10 A Rainy Night in Soho Asterix, Humberside ——————————————————————————————————1/7—— What about Sunny Side of the Street? LET'S START SOME CONTROVERSY! Sounds Arrested Angst Pen pals
P443 Teletext 443 May24 16:01:00        ——————— (,.$ —————————————————————————— DEAR 'ZINE, Have you gone mad with all this theme stuff? NOBODY LIKES IT! I have evidence. All the letters you show say "We don't want your theme stuffb. If this is our h—f—zine, LISTEN TO US A Total Weirdo, London ——————————————————————————————————3/7—— OK, OK! Cripes! WE HAVEN'T MADE UP OUR MINDS YET! Sounds Arrested Angst Pen pals
P443 Teletext 443 May24 16:03:42        ———————  —————————————————————————— ALBUM REVIEW DEBUT by BJORK I know this album is over a year old, but it's that good, I had to tell all you 'Zine folk. Wath great songs such as Venus As A Boy, There's More To Life than This and the big chart hit Big Time Sensuality, l—be this my fave album ever. Not only that, but it's all done by the most gorge, talented female there is! Mr Gudmundsdottir, Iceland ——————————————————————————————————4/7—— CALMERS! 'Tis not THAT great! THANK CRIKEY SHE'S BEEN QUIET! Sounds Arrested Angst Pen pals
P443 Teletext 443 May24 16:00:11        ———————  —————————————————————————— TOP DN MADONNA SONGS 1 Live to Tell 2 Who's That Girl 3 I'll Remember 4 Over & Over 5 Like A Prayer 6 Think Of Me 7 Cherish 8 Justify My Love The Beast Within Mix 9 Papa Don't Preach 10 Causing A Commotion Maddy's Number One Fan, Oxon ——————————————————————————————————5/7—— Numbers 6 & 7 - cl!rrics! SO, SOME PEOPLE STILL LOVE HER?!?! Sounds Arrested Angst Pen pals
P443 Teletext 443 May24 16:00:00        ———————  —————————————————————————— ALBUM REVIEW LIVE TH N GH THIS by HOLE Hole and Courtney Love in recent xdars have given back youth what we've been without for too long - sex, drugs and rock n' roll. Live through This is simply an amaz—ng album that knocks you out and leaves you in a quivering heap. Highlights include Violet, Gutless and Plump. —ve through this indeed... Eco-Friendly Rebel ——————————————————————————————————6'7—— Ironic title... WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU - WRITE!!! Sounds Arrested Angst Pen pals