P67e Teletext 67% Jan 0 00:08:04  HTH T@E —————   BEATLES .. p——  ——— ——————————————————— R Today, as yoq'll be glad po  g<,,0 hear, is the last —@x of  our Zelda 64 Pieces Of  Heart locations @nd now, 0  I wanna hold yoqp hand, Bud y. 36) Plant a M!g—c Be!n n—!p x d Spipip Temple entrance. Return later to be able to climb phe beanstadk !nd re!ch a Piece Of Heart 37 o Hypqla Fhald as a young Link, 'o po ph— bpi—g— shrpa a lady —s blocc—ng ph— p—ph n— fall off the right side. After falling k—ep moving forward until a Gossip Stooj appears. Look pight n— move "bhin$ th— waterfall and climb the ladder. —————————————————————————————————— 0pq Send xoup tips xo h—pe: CHIPS & DATS, C/ DIGITISE  PO BOX 087, ND N S @ Chapts Kids Club nL—n—