P62f Teletext 628 Jan 2 00:19:56 SWITCH TO WOOL'JCH DIR CT S/5 Deeds Administratioo Fee payable on redemption £65 and a single repay9ent of capital £52,000. Total amount payable £138,516.00PL6.65% 6.8% APR. *There will be no solicitor's fee as we will be ma3ing our own arraogements to  property and secure oux interest0with a legal mortgage. There will be ÷o applicatio÷ fee & no valqbtiwn wce If you instructPxour own {wticitors you will be resxonsibte for xhqir cosxs. A first chaxge over xoux property will be requiredP0s a security for a eortw—ge. Fq interest0g÷y loans, you are advisrp to arrafgr a suitabte repay}jnt ve—rcte to repay the capital at the end w tpe 5ortgcge termN Financial Contents IT Appts Careers