P329 4-Tel 329 Sat 02 Jan C4 00:11:11    Preview    PET RESCUE   Returning in the New Year Pet Rescue continues, with 'jndy Turnbr and vet Mark Evans meeting more of the animals that depend on the RSPCA and other animal charities. A new series begins in the new ybar, along with some daytime repeats. Please check 4-Tel's listing pages, 301 and 302, for details. More details will appear here in the New Year. 4-Tel main index on page 300 Light Lunch is on page 330 Main index C4 Today Tomorrow Previews
P329 4-Tel 329 B—— 0 Jan C4 00:14:01     Preview    PET R SCUE    PL Pet Rescq— continq—s, wip—0 —npx  and v—t Mark v—ns lrating mopa kf ph— anim—ls thap ——pend on th— RSPCA and ot—er animal c——rities A new serias begins pn th— g—w0xr!x, along with some daypim— papeats. Pdea3b check 4-$jl's listing pagds, 301 an— 302, for $—pa—ls More details will appear hepe in th— Naw YaapN 0,ZjdP,——n0pnbjx gv p!£r Lhght Lunch is on x—ge 330 Main  C4 Tob—x  @pqv—qw{
P329 4-Tel 329 Sat 12 Jan C4 00:10:12     Preview  |   PET RESCUE 5   P—pqrning pn phe Naw H—ap @et Resc5— contin{rs, wiph 'bpx Ppx—p and vet Marc Dvans -—eting mopa gf ph— animals xhat ——p—nd on th— S@CA —n— other animal charities. A new series begins in the n—w x—ar, along with some —aytim— repeaps. @lease check 0, jl s dasting pag—s, 1 P Mora —atahls witl app—ap here pn phe New Year. 4-P—l m@—n —n—dx on pag— 300 Light Lunch is on p!ge 330 Lain —nddx C4 To——x To-orrgw —qav—aws