P306 4-Tel 306 Sat 00 Jan C4 00:11:25       Channel 4 Film preview   LOCH NESS  P08.05-21.00 Saturday  P0994P00:mins 888  Channel 4's Loch Ness evening begins with this romantic tale starring Tbd Danson and Joely Richardson. Danson plays a zoologist who agrees, with some reluctance, to go to Loch Ness to find out whether Nessie exists, but instead finds romance with a local inn-keeper (Richardson). Ian Holm, Keith Allen, Harris Yurin and James Frain also star in this warm- hearted story, which was directed by John Henderson. —————————————————————————————————— 1 Films tomorrow Brookside R2R PALplus
P306 4-Tel 306 Sat 02 Jan C4 00:11:41       Channel 4 Film preview   THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS  23.45-01.20 Late Friday  P0:83 95mins 888  A late-night double bill of Steve Martin comedies begins with this lively and inventive caper in which he plays a brilliant brain surgeon. Frustrated by his sexless marriage to a heartless, scheming vamp (Kathleen Turner), Martin finds love with the disembodied brain of a murdered woman. David Warner co-stars as a suitably mad professor, and Turner is qn fine form sending up her own role in Body Heat. Directed by Carl Reiner 2/5 Films tomorrow Brookside R2R PALplus
P306 4-Tel 306 Sat 02 Jan C4 00:00:00       Channel 4 Film preview   ALL OF ME  01.20-p3.00 Late Friday  0884 100mins 888  ££££££££££££ Steve Martin was at the peak of his considerable success when he starred qn this one-person-in-the-body-of-another comedy, in which the laughs come thick and fast. When a rich eccentric (Lily Tomlin) tries to transfer her soul to the body of a beautiful woman (Victoria Tennant - Martin's real life wife) she ends up trapped inside Steve Martin. This film re-unites Martin with Carl Reiner, director of his earlier hit The Man 'jth Two Brains. 3/5 Films tomorrow Brookside R2R PALplus
P306 4-Tel 306 Sat 02 Jan C4 00:10:33       Channel 4 Film preview   THE MAN WHO CHANGED HIS  MIND 03.00-04.15 Late Friday  0936 75mins bw  £ The third body-swap film of th— night is a vintage chiller starring Boris Karloff as a scientist who discovers a way to transfer people's minds. Things turn grisly when Karloff's patron withdraws his funding, forcing the deranged boffin to resort to murder to get the bodies he needs to continue his experiments. Frank Cellier, Anna Lee, John Loder and Donald Calthrop also star. Directed by Robert Stevenson 4/5 Films tomorrow Brookside R2R PALplus
P306 4-Tel 306 Sat 02 Jan C4 00:10:50       Channel 4 Film preview    DR BULL  04.15-05.35 Late Friday  0833 80mins bw  Will Rogers, who was a great comic star of the time, takes the lead in this sentimental comedy. Rogers plays a small town doctor who romantically pursues a lonely widow (Vera Allen). Marian Nixon, Howard Lally and Rochelle Hudson are in the cast of an early venture for John Ford, here proving as adept at comedy as at the 'jsterns for which he was later so acclaimed. 4-Tel main index on page 300 5/5 Films tomorrow Brookside R2R PALplus