P141 Teletext 140 Jan 0 00:00:02  o%  o /    ———————————q———q———————————q————q ?? THE PATER PANNAD OF @OP  HEGE  Code Rad: Four lovely 'pxs s—o pried poo hard po ba "spreet" an pnfaas—"fy large kecs and phus fa—ed —npo p(— boy band wilderfess Spill hpgr an @sia but o—d Deap here an— —xopprp by Po÷ydop Kylie: Her racor— companx tavbd pp xo its name Deconstr1ction — wh—f tbp to Mus—room —n hex n—tivr |$ xh— p—nt-shx—d popspret ——s vowed po go of@ ——————————————————————————————————2 5—— Checc out phe Lillenn—um p!gbs 105 TOTAL ENTER @ NM NT p400 'Xind Flia£s Awar$s Gpean
P141 Teletext 149 Jan 2 00:10:10          —————————————————————————————————  THE PETER PANNED OF POP!  We're HUGE abroad — honest!  Code Red: Four lovely guys who tried too hard to be "street" in unfeasibly large keks and thus faded into the boy band wilderness. Still huge in Asia but Code Dead here and dropped by Polydor. Kylie: Her record company lived up to its name - Deconstruction — when her contract wasn't renewed. Still signed to Mushroom in her native Oz, the pint-sized popstrel has vowed to go on! ——————————————————————————————————2/5—— Check out the Millennium pages! 105 TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT p400 'Zine Flicks Awards Green
P141 Teletext 149 Jan 2 00:11:50          —————————————————————————————————  THE PETER PANNED OF POP!  Some pop stars don't know when to quit!  Peter Andre: Despite being voted Worst Male Singer and Least Fanciable Male, brace yourself for Pete's return in March with a "pop" sound. "Tha R&B route was a mistake," admits his PR.  Christian Fry: His debut single crashed into the chart at 44 but "not everyone can be Billie," retorts the same PR. "Gee, you're making it sound like all my acts are down the pan!" ——————————————————————————————————3 5—— January sales near you 445 ECO SCENE IS OH SO GREEN p148 'Zine Flicks Awards Green
P141 Teletext 149 Jan 2 00:11:41          —————————————————————————————————  THE PETER PANNED OF POP!  Whatever happened to whatshisface?  Will Mellor: After ditching Hollyoaks for a pop career, he left record label Jive after they wouldn't let him write his own stuff! Now he's appearing in Manchester mrsical Oh What A Night with Kid Creole. How the mighty have fallen! Less Are You Jimmy Ray? than Who Are You Jimmy Ray? Jimmy's last tune I Got Rolled was never released here but he's apparently back with an album inP0:99. ——————————————————————————————————5W5—— Where on earth have you gone? 108 BOYZONE WON'T SPLIT! p143 'Zine Flicks Awards Green
P141 Teletext 149 Jan 2 00:11:01          —————————————————————————————————  THE PETER PANNED OF POP!  E-Male! Code Red! Take Five! Never heard of them? Shame on you! It was barely a year ago they were being touted as the next big things in the biz. But as we all know pop's a fickle old game... So whatever happened to whatshisface, from Take 5ivezone? Rbad it and weepP0s Club finds out who was top of the flops in 1998. But be warned — some of them won't go quietly! ——————————————————————————————————1/5—— by Trudy T (she's back!) FIERCE AND GAY DAD — HUGE? p144 'Zine Flicks Awards Green
P141 Teletext 149 Jan 2 00:10:00          —————————————————————————————————  THE PETER PANNED OF POP!  Don't call us, we'll call you!  Gary Barlow and Mark Owen have no intention of paling into insignificance next to Robbie. Both are "busy" on solo projects. On the edge of your seat yet? Hands up say ex-RCA label-mates North And South, who plead guilty to being a bit rubbish. Tom's now carving out a West End thesp career in Les Mis, Lee's done some TV presenting and the other 2 have formed a "punkier" band together. ——————————————————————————————————4'5—— Emma's noble boast 143 KIDS DON'T COME FORWARD p145 'Zine Flicks Awards Green