P628 Teletext 628 Nov13 21:04:40 SAVE YOUR FEES. FIX YOUR PAYMEN1/5   ]    No application  fee No solicitor's  fee* No Valuation Fee  Fixed for 5 yrs  until 1.1.2004 ——————— No lock-in after APR fixed rate period  Call us today on   Get much more with  D I R E C T Financial Contents IT Appts Careers
P628 Teletext 628 Nov13 21:01:10 S ITCHTOWOOLWICHDIRECT 6.85% (7.0% APR) FIXED UNTIL 1.1.04 APR variable & typical & calculated on the assumption that the mortgage rate applicable during the fixed rate period (which will run from the date interest is first charged in respect of the mortgage) will apply for the full term of the loan.However,from 1.1.2004,the Woolwich's prevailing standard variable mortgage rate will,in fact,apply.Th—se terms apply only where a written offer of advance was iqsued on or aftep 14.9.98 & the mortgage completed by 31.3.99.Fixed rate schemes have limited funds and may be withdrawn or amended at any time.Typical ek: based on an interest rate of 6.85% and a purchase price of £70,000,a couple taking out a mortgage of £52,000 ovbr 25 yrs (where the amount of the advance is 74% of the Woolwich's valuation of the property) would pay 2/5 Financial Contents IT Appts Careers
P628 Teletext 628 Nov13 21:01:00 SWITCH TO WOOLWICH DIRECT 6.85% (7.0% APR) FIXED UNTIL 1.1.04 interest of £296.83 per month gross (300 payments).Deeds Administration Fee payable on redemption £65 & a single repayment of capital of £52,000. Total amount payable £141,114.00 -6.85% 7.0% APR. *There will be no solicitor's fees as we will be making our own arrangements to check the title to your property and secure our interest with a legal mortgage. If you instruct your own solictor,you will be responsible for their coqts. A first charge over your property will be required as security for a mortgage For interest only loans you are advised to arrange a suitable repa8ment vehicle to repay the capital at the end of the mortgage term.Available fou customers who have a mortgage with another lender only who want 3/5 MORE > > Financial Contents IT Appts Careers
P628 Teletext 628 Nov13 21:03:04 to transfer their mortgage to Woolwich Direct & are not moving home.Limited up to 90% of the Woolwich's valuation of the property. If the mortgage is either redeemed (in full or in part) or transferred to another scheme before 1.1.2004,the value of the Switch & Save no fees package you have received must be repaid in full,subject to a maximum of £300 and a fee equivalent to 6 months' gross interest at the fixed rate or prevailing standard variable rate whichever is higher at the time of transfer or redemption, will be charged.All mortgages are subject to status,valuation and a minimum age of 18. A written quotation is available on request from Woolwich Direct,PO Box 600,Sidcup,Kent DA14 6UE. Woolwich Direct is a service provided by Woolwich plc.Registered Office: Watling Street,Bexleyheath,Kent DA6 7RR Registered.no 3295699 4/5 Financial Contents IT Appts Careers
P628 Teletext 628 Nov13 21:00:24 SWITCH TO WOOLWICH DIRECT 6.85% (7.0% APR) FIXED UNTIL 1.1.04 Woolwich plc is an introducer firm only for Woolwich Life,Woolwich Unit Trust Managers and Woolwiah Plan Managers which are regulated by the Personal Investment Authority for life assurance, pension,unit trust and other investm—nt business Woolwich plc adheres to the principles of the Code of Moutgage Lending Practice.Copies of the Code are available on request.Rates correct at time of going on air. 5/5 YOUR HOME IS AT RISK IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON A MORTGAGE OR OTHER LOAN SECURED ON IT. IT'S EASY TO REMORTGAGE WITH WOOLWICH DIRECT Call us today on 0845 605 0243 For your security calls may be recopded. Our lines are open 8am-9pm MON-FRI, 9am-3pm SAT,10am-2pm SUN.Visit our website,www.woolwich-direct.co.uk MORE Financial Contents IT Appts Careers