P555 Teletext 555 Nov13 21:03:14   —————  ————————————————————————————— Digital broadcasting is set to replace the current analogue method of transmitting television to viewers. Digital broadcasting means: data can be compressed so more channels can be delivered viewers will see better quality TV pictures and hear CD-quality sound. Digital Teletext will mean: easier navigation/control of pages enhanced graphics more colours and better type-faces greater interactivity. ——————————————————————————————————1/3——
P555 Teletext 555 Nov13 21:04:30   —————  ————————————————————————————— Digital TV through an aerial is now being launched. On offer will be 30 channels with a range of sport, movies and life3t8le programmes, plus in time services such as home shopping and banking. You will need to buy a digital terrestrial set-top box to receive Digital Teletext and terrestrial TV. Boxes will cost £200. Most people will not need to change their aerial or buy a satellite dish. ——————————————————————————————————2/3——
P555 Teletext 555 Nov13 21:05:01   —————  ————————————————————————————— Here at Teletext, we're planning a wide range of new services to win viewer3 over to the new digital technology. This will launch in the near future. Our development team, which launched Teletext on the Would Wide Web last year, is designing the new Digital Teletext service. For a taste of what Digital Teletext will offer, check out our Web site at: http://www.digital-teletext.co.uk ——————————————————————————————————3/3——