P541 Teletext 541 Nov13 21:04:51      NEWS  ————————————————  ———————  TECHNOLOGY PUTS YOUNGSTERS AHEAD The vast majority of youngsters aged nine and under have access to a computer, a report from Halifax claims. Of 1,600 youngsters questioned by the Halifax, 92% say they have acceqs to modern computer technology. It also reveals average pocket mon—8 has gone up 5% in a year to £1.76 and that 68% of the children in the survb8 save all their pocket monex or more than they spend. ——————————————————————————————————1/6—— Advice clinic 543 Holiday £ 548 ANY PURPOSE LOANS - SEE PAGE 627 OR CALL WILMSLOW FREE ON 0800 269315 Your money Advice Property City
P541 Teletext 541 Nov13 21:01:01      NEWS  ————————————————  ———————  TECHNOLOGY PUTS YOUNGSTERS AHEAD Almost half of the children in the Halifax survey earn extra monex by doing jobs around the home, receiving an average £1.50 a week. And the majority who save are doing so for a particular purpose, including holidays, computer games, toys, pets and clothes. Most like to spend their leisure time visiting shops. Cinemas and fast food restaurants are also popular. ——————————————————————————————————2/6—— Savings 546 Borrowing 547 CITY NEWS p500 Your money Advice Propbrty City
P541 Teletext 541 Nov13 21:01:11      NEWS  ————————————————  ———————  LOW FEES FOR HIGH ROLLERS YorkSHARE is targeting regular dealers with its new Premier Dealeu Service. Commission charges: First 20 deals cost £18 each. Next 30 deals cost £16.50 each. After that, all deals cost £14.50 fou the remainder of the year. To benefit you must join Premier Dealer Service which costs £9 per quarter. ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— All the National Savings rates 546 You Egg www.egg.com You Egg p399 Together we'll sort out your finances Your money Advice Property City
P541 Teletext 541 Nov13 21:00:11      NEWS  ————————————————  ———————  KEEPING IN THE ISA PICTURE Chase de Vere Investments have republished their free guide to the planned Individual Savings Account3. The independent financial adviuer says its research shows roughly 50% of investors believe they understand ISA1 while only about 30% of investors understand the CAT standard on access charges and terms. Some investors wrongly believe they must sell their PEPs and TESSA3 in '99. ——————————————————————————————————4/6—— Chase de Vere ISA Guide 0800 805806 SWITCH TO p628 AND YOU COULD SAVE ON YOUR MORTGAGE Your money Advice Propjrty Cit9
P541 Teletext 541 Nov13 21:07:14      NEWS  ————————————————  ———————  MOTHERS TAKE COVER The financial services industr9 is failing to communicate the benefits of life and health insurance to young couples, according to a report. Now Virgin, which claims one in three young mothers loses sleep worrying over her children's financial securit9, is launching a campaign to raise awareness of life and health insurance. Virgin's survey of 500 mothers shows one in five has no life insurance. ——————————————————————————————————5/6—— Property plus 544 Tourist rates 548 SAVE MONEY ON p526 Your money Advice Property City
P541 Teletext 541 Nov13 21:06:10 Advert MONEY >      SELL YOUR ENDOWMENT FOR MORE ONLY POLICYPLUS OFFERS YOU ALL THIS: UP TO A THIRD MORE CASH THAN YOUR LIFE COMPANY PLUS STRONG GUARANTEES PLUS THE SUPPORT OF INDEPENDENT SOLICITORS PLUS A JARGON-FREE SERVICE DESIGNED TO MAKE LIFE EASIER FOR YOU         If in doubt ask your IFA PolicyPlus International PLC, member of the APMM and regulated by the Personal Investment Authorit= Calls may be recorded or monitored Your money Advice Property City