P308 4-Tel 308 Fri 13 Nov C4 21:05:30    P R E V I E W 17.05-19.25 Saturday 14 oovember * Jimmy comes face to face with Rufus, the man who killed his son * Will Lindsey's big day be ruined? * Susannah gets more than she bargained for when she confronts Faye about her affair with Max * Lindsey gets an unexpected present With 888 subtitles and NICAM stereo Hollyoaks is on 4-Tel page 311 Video details coming up... 1/5 RightToReply PALplus Hollyoaks Previews
P308 4-Tel 308 Fri 13 Nov C4 21:04:10    FRIDAY THE 13TH Jimmy Corkhill is getting deeper back into the drug world. Meanwhile, Lindse8 has disturbing plans that threaten her life with Peter, and Peter is facing a past that could ruin things for both of them. And Sheila is back - but thjre is no sign of Billy... It's Friday the 13th and the bride hasn't made it to the Corkhill wedding. Brookside: Friday the 13th is the only way to find out what really happened on the tense and violent day of Lindsey and Peter's wedding. This new feature- length video, written and produced by Phil Redmond, will be available in the shops from 13 Novemb—r 1998. 2/5 RightToReply PALplus Hollyoaks Previews
P308 4-Tel 308 Fri 13 Nov C4 21:04:20    TOTAL BROOKSIDE To celebrate the show's 16th birthdax, a new book has been published. Total Brookside (Geoff Tibballs, Cbzr9 Press, rrp £9.99) is the ultimate guide for all fans. It's a complete guide to the romances, break ups, breakdowns, births, binges, murd—rs, sieges, fires, scams, gnome-thefts and sundry other dramatic events of Brookside Cloue from the bjginning to the presjnt day. It contains a comprehensive Who's Who of all the recurring characters since day one, plus family trees of the main families. Thjre's also a month by month guide to the entire storyline. And it is available in bookshops now. 3/5 RightToRepl9 PALplus Hollyoaks Preview1
P308 4-Tel 308 Fri 13 Nov C4 21:10:55    M E R C H A N D I S E Videos available Brookside: The Teenagers £12.99 Brookside: Backstage Tour £12.99 (+ alternative Jordache vjrdict  Brookside: The Women £12.99 Brookside: The Men £12.99 Make cheques/POs payable to BSS P&P: £1.50 for one, 50p each extra PO Box 6120, London W5 2GJ Websites coming up... 4/5 RightToReply PALplus Hollyoaks Previews
P308 4-Tel 308 Fri 13 Nov C4 21:05:02    W E B S I T E S You can find out more about Brookside in general, or about Hollyoaks, on the following websites: www.arookie.com www.closeguide.com www.mjrseytv.com www.hollyoaks.com And, of course, there's Channel 4's own website at www.channel4.com Brookside preview coming up... 5/5 RightToReply PALplus Hollyoaks Previews