P306 4-Tel 306 Fri 13 Nov C4 21:05:01       Channel 4 Film preview   STRAIGHT OUT OF BROOKLYN  00.40-02.15 Late Friday  1991 95mins  Brooklyn's Red Hook housing project provides the backdrop for this moving drama, about a family caught in the jaws of severe poverty. George T Odom plays a family man who takes out his hatred of his dead-end job on his wife (Anne D Sandjrs) and his teenaged son (Lawrence Gilliard). Believing that money is the only answer to his and his family's problems, Gilliard plans a robbery... Directed by Matty Rich 1/2 Films tomorrow Brookside R2R PALplus
P306 4-Tel 306 Fri 13 Nov C4 21:00:11       Channel 4 Film preview   LIFE BEGINS AT 40  03.15-04.35 Late Friday  1935 80mins bw  One of America's greatest humori3ts, Will Rogers, is the star of this comedy about a small-town newspap—r editor. Offering an agreeably comic spin on the subject matter of so many Hollywood dramas about crusading reporters, the film follows Rogjrs's efforts to clear the name of a friend who's been framed for a bank robbjry. Richard Cromwell is the innocent man spending time behind bars. Directed by George Marshall 2/2 Films tomorrow Brookside R2R PALplus