P617 Teletext 617 Nov 6 21:01:13    Thank you to everyone who took part in Teletext Team Mates. Hundreds of lucky viewers won prizes, ranging from Budweiser T-shirts through to VIP trips to top Premiership Matches. Below is a list of the daily winners throughout the promotion: G Warrick, London Carole Jones, London Bruce Pullin, Bristol Mark Whitham, Erith William Brown, Middlesbrough Lee Claise, Leigh On Sea Stuart Cocks, Leicester >>> Continued City Finance Pub List TV Plus
P617 Teletext 617 Nov 6 21:00:10    Chris Tighe, Manchester Lisa Dunhill, Stockdon K R Noel, Twickenham Miss J Hine, London Mr R Chambers, Leicester Leah Strickland, London Tommy Williams, Manchester Mr Bevins, Essex Kevin Jackson, County Durham Stuart Hamilton, Stockton on Teeside Nikki Lumsden, London Mr A King, Cardiff Mr R Wilkinson, Middlesbrough Margaret Smith, Fleet >>> Premiership Pages City Finance Pub List TV Plus
P617 Teletext 617 Nov 6 21:00:00    Look out for the fantastic Premiership Pages on C4 P.170,keeping you informed and entertained with up to date information on the Premiersip including: PLAYER ANALYSIS: Performance stats by official Premiership analysts. FANS' OPINIONS: A weekly column from club fanzine editors,plus fans' letters PREVIEWS: A look at the weekend's games with key facts and figures. MATCH STATS: A summary of your team's performance in each Premier1hip match CLU@ QUIZ: Four tricky questions each week on your Premiership club. COMPETITION: A weekly chance to win a pair of tickets to a Premiership game. City Finance Pub List TV Plus