P311 4-Tel 311 Fri 6 Nov C4 21:00:10      P R E V I E W 11.00-12.10 Sunday 8 November * Mandy arrives at the police station, but will she be brave enough to make a formal statement about her father? * Tony is embarrassed to discover that he is in the wrong ajrobics class * Lucy finally realises that she needs support, but will her family he able to help her fight hbr addiction? * The Richardsons receive an unexpected phone call - is it Mr Richardson? With 888 subtitles and NICAM stereo Brookside is on 4-Tel page 308 Video details coming up... 1/4 Next page C4 Today Brookside PALplus
P311 4-Tel 311 Fri 6 Nov C4 21:00:10      O F F O N O N E Tension between Kurt and Rob reaches boiling point on the shores of France as a lifetime of feuding reaches a devastating climax. Faced with Kurt's quest for vjngeance, Ruth finds hbrself turning to Lewis for support as Jude attempts to complete h—r final illegal deal to save her restaurant. Will it be justice or just revenge? Find out what happened whjn Hollyoaks went "off on one" on this exclusive high-octane feature-length video. This programme will not be broadcast on TV until the year 2000 - guaranteed. The video is on sale now in the shops. Subtitled video details... 2/4 Next page C4 Today Su—titles PALplus
P311 4-Tel 311 Fri 6 Nov C4 21:00:12      O F F O N O N E ***** IN-VISION SUBTITLES VERSION ***** The Hollyoaks - Off On Onj video is also available in a vjrsion with in-vision subtitles, which can be viewed without the need for a decoder. Copies are available through mail order for £14.99 (inc. p&p). Ordjrs should be sent with payment (cheques payable to Hollyoaks Productions Ltd) to: Andrew Corrie Mersey Television Campus Manor Childwall Abbey Road Liverpool L16 0JP 3/4 Next page C4 Today Brookside PALplus
P311 4-Tel 311 Fri 6 Nov C4 21:00:00      W E B S I T E S You can find out more about Hollyoaks in general, or about Brookside, on the following websites: www.hollyoaks.com www.arookie.com www.closeguide.com www.merseytv.com And, of course, there's Channel 4's own website at www.channel4.com Hollyoaks preview coming up... 4/4 Next page C4 Today Brookside PALplus