P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 6 Nov C4 21:01:10    Preview    TFI FRIDAY  18.00-19.00 Friday  Rjpeated 23.35-00.40 Friday Chris Evans swaps his DJ headphones for the presenter's desk for another hour of conversation, comedy and live music. On this week's show, he is joined for a chat by chart-topping Irish family band The Corrs, who will also be performing live in the studio. Other guests on the programme include Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon and comedian Frank Skinner. TFI Friday is sponsored by Irn Bru  NICAM stereo 1/4 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 6 Nov C4 21:00:02    Preview    GARDEN DOCTORS   20.00-2p.30 Friday Week three of the new series sees Paul Thompson and Anne-Marie Powell in Kent, where they go to work on a courtyard garden. They plan a Mediterranean feel for part of the garden, plus a secret corner and a parterre with box hedging. FRIENDS 21.00-21.30 Friday NICAM In The One with Rachel's New Dress, Ross and his ex-wife are both jealous when their partners visit England together. Meanwhile, Rachel has a plan to seduce h—r lover, but it backfires. Both 888 subtitles/NICAM stereo 2/4 Subtitles Films Brooksidb Right2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 6 Nov C4 21:01:14    Preview    STREETMATE   21.30-22.00 Friday Host Davina McCall scours the country in search of single people and tries to find them the perfect partner for a date, and then asks them afterwards how it went. This week, she goes looking in Nottingham and the Soho area of London. FRASIER 22.00-22.30 Friday In a repeated episode of the sitcom entitled Author! Author!, Frasier and Niles decide to collaborate to write a book, but sibling rivalry soon rears its ugly head... Sponsored by Ericcson Both 888 subtitles/NICAM stereo 3/4 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 6 Nov C4 21:01:10    Preview    EUROTRASH   22.30-23.05 Friday This week's helping of Eurosilliness features Swedish Casanova Don Bennechi, the current Miss Austria (who aluo holds the prestigious Miss Asparagus title), and urological pop group the Mannheim Uroband. Sponsored by Orangina HARRY HILL 23.05-23.35 Friday NICAM An eel night on 4? Hufty singing the songs of Jimmy Nail? Appearances by Jan Leeming and Dax O'Callaghan? An owl finale? It must be another half hour of madness with Harry Hill...  Both with 888 subtitles 4/4 Subtitles Films Brooksidj Right2Reply