P671 Teletext 671 Oct30 21:01:55     THE OPINIONATED PIG ——————————   "Swaddle me in leather, and  tell the farmer I'm a cow: I  wish someone would erase the malady which plagues my existence. "What do you make of this whole business with the BBFC not wanting to classify Carmageddon 2, because it's too darndy unpleasant? "If you ask me, SCi has only got itself to blame. The press release that laid into the BBFC, issued by SCi, was one of the most pathetic and childish documents this side of a Bunty Annual." ——————————————————————————————————1/5—— FAT SOW OFFERS AN INDEPENDENT OPINION EASIER TO TACKLE THAN JONAH LOMU GO TO VIRGIN NET ITV p381 Reviews Reviews TV Club 140
P671 Teletext 671 Oct30 21:00:10     THE OPINIONATED PIG ——————————   "The original Carmageddon was  held up over its content, so  you've got to question the mentality of SCi when it sends a far-gorier sequel to the BBFC, and then complains when it's given the thumbs-down. "I don't want to get into the argument of whether games are bad for you or not, but if you're going to go out of your way to make your games as blood- spattered as possible, then you've got to expect a degree of comeback. "Otherwise you're a stupid idiot." ——————————————————————————————————2/5—— Pop-o-fun 480 Worming Hour 196 THIS IS THIS: p672 Reviews Reviews TV Club 140
P671 Teletext 679 Oct30 21:00:42     THE OPINIONATED PIG ——————————  "I completely agree that it  makes little difference  whether the blood in a game is  green or red; it certainly doesn't affect my enjoyment when playing it. "Admittedly, if you were going for a game where realism was the issue, then you could understand the need for the redness. But in a game where cars fire Looney Tunes-style giant springs, what difference does it make to the gameplay what colour the blood is? Unless, of course, the developer knows that the game will be sold on the strength of its unsavoury content." ——————————————————————————————————3/5—— FAT SOW OFFERS AN INDEPENDENT OPINION BAMBER: "I AM SO COOL" p152 Reviews Reviews TV Club 140
P671 Teletext 679 Oct30 21:01:02     THE OPINIONATED PIG ——————————   "Games do not need to be  bloody to be any good. By all  accounts Carmageddon 2 has the potential to be a good game. So why is SCi going all-out to risk its chances by stupidly arguing over the colour of the blood? "The games industry is often compared to Hollywood, but in so many cases there are more Texas Chainsaw Massacres than there are Citizen Kanes on games publishers' release schedules. "And that seems stupid to me." ——————————————————————————————————4/5—— Pop-o-fun 480 Worming Hour 196 THIS IS THIS: p672 Reviews Reviews TV Club 140
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