P307 4-Tel 307 Fri 30 Oct C4 21:00:10   C4 FILMS TODAY ON 306     Channel 4 Film preview    FOUR WEDDINGS AND A  FUNERAL 1994 135mins  21.00-23.15 Saturday 888  Mike Newell's sparkling romantic comedy made an international star out of Hugh Grant, and made a lot of money for 'bt Wet Wet with its theme song. As that song goes, love is in the air, but not for serial monogamist Grant, who meets the woman of his dreams - Andie MacDowell - only to keep on losing her. Simon Callow, Kristin Scott Thomas, John Hanna and Rowan Atkinson deliver Richard Curtis's glittering script. FilmFour Festival - see 312 1/2 Brookside Right2Reply PALplus Previews
P307 4-Tel 307 Fri 30 Oct C4 21:05:01   C4 GHLMS TODAY ON 306     Channel 4 Film preview   CIN AMERICAN BUFFALO  00.20-01.55 Late Saturday   1995 95mins 888  David Mamet, the greatest American playwright of his generation, adapted his own hit stage play for the screen, under Michael Corrente's direction. When the owner of a junk store sells a coin which he later realises is very valuable, his teenaged assistant is keen to take on the task of stealing it back, but a more experienced petty crook spies an opportunity for himself. NYPD Blue star Dennis Franz, Sean Nelson and Dustin Hoffman all excel. FilmFour Festival - see 312 2/2 Brookside Right2Reply PALplus Previews